Cerebrum & Friends

With a wooden front that looks like it was stolen from an old church in the colonial era, Cerebrum and Friends joins artistic design and highly skilled baristas together and has opened their coffee shop and restaurant on Jamlan road. Offering creative themed coffee, tea, smoothies and all day breakfast style dishes, all with a unique take on the usual, there is something for everyone. Even the décor is for sale, with 90% of what you see up for grabs. The owner, Ae, enjoys design, and apart from being a fashion writer, tattoo artist and coffee shop designer, he also offers his services to help source and create hard to find décor and can even be hired to fully re-design your home. Take a sip of your voodoo coffee (double shot please) and chow down on a delicious breakfast burrito, and gather inspiration in this unique location, unseen anywhere else in town.


77/2 Jamlan road, Old City

Category Cafés, Restaurant Cuisine European Opening Times 8am – 11pm Closed Wednesdays 085 0379824