Buta Shabu

If you are a fan of the Asian style hotpot, it’s not hard to imagine those aromas and flavours that come from a bubbling pot of delicious pork strips, fresh vegetables and a rich soup. But at Buta Shabu, this is taken a step further with the addition of cheese. Yes, that’s right, cheese. And it kinda works. Hailing from Bangkok and now open in Chiang Mai, this contemporary Japanese hotpot offers a range of additions including beef, salmon and mussels that enhance the shabu experience. At just 348 baht per set, you can tuck into some truly unique flavours that are bound to reset the button on your understanding of what shabu can be.


Huay Kaew Road

Category Buffet, Restaurant Cuisine Hotpot, Korean BBQ Opening Times 11.30am – 4pm and 5pm – 10pm (Closed Mondays) 086 3466455