Missing the sweet scents of nature? This perfume shop is the next best thing to walking through a botanical garden and offers spritzes, sprays, and potpourri to infuse your daily life.  With essential oils made  from 100% fruits and flowers, the boutique offers everything from sweet to flowery to sugary to minty.  The fresh scents provoke mood changes giving you an extra jump start in the morning, a calming cool  in the evening, and a mood lift to help get those creative juices flowing.  The scents can be mixed and matched and the potpourri uses locally grown plants and flowers.





Central Plaza Chiang Mai Airport, 3rd Floor near Tom Laycut

Central Festival Chiang Mai, G Floor near Boots

Category Health and Beauty, Shopping Opening Times Open daily, 9 a.m. – 10 p.m. 084-22449990