On the ground floor of Thiprat Place apartment building, this charming coffee shop on Santitam Road sells cute-as-cuddly-bears everything – from bear-designed latte art, to bear-decorated cakes, bear mascots and logos and all things warm and fuzzy. The owner loves bears and says that since he is a large man and sees himself as a cuddly bear, he has made this coffee shop a place where large people – especially foreigners – will feel at home. Chairs are large sized and comfortable and unlike many mini-furniture pieces seen in the city’s trendiest venues, comfort is king here. Order coffees, smoothies, cakes or cookies and sit back with a book or a laptop. Or if you are really hungry, you can order one plate dishes from the Thai restaurant across the road. Comfort is king in this bear’s den.


Santisuk Road

Category Cafés Cuisine Bakery Opening Times 7am - 7pm 0828912599