Baan Suan Muan Jai Kafae Sod

Before just assuming that all coffee shops are the same, take a trip to Baan Suan Muan Jai Kafae Sod and experience something truly special, all down to the owner Eat’s special flair and love of cooking and of coffee. The cafe is located in a really peaceful spot in San Sai, surrounded by nature with views of big lakes and beautiful flowers. Eat cooks for her customers just as she does for her family, sharing her wonderful flavours with everyone. All food is guaranteed MSG and citric acid free. Try the papaya salad with roasted salmon or the turmeric fried chicken – fascinating takes on traditional Thai dishes. Besides all of her amazing food, she also serves coffee and other drinks made fresh to order. She even has a selection of cakes to finish it all off.


9 Soi 9, Ban Huai Kilang, San Sai

Category Cafés Cuisine Bakery, Thai Opening Times 10am – 8pm (closed Tuesdays) 080 4159195