B Samcook Home 16

The B Samcook Home 16 community is buzzing and alive and their little organic restaurant is turning heads. With a modern industrial design organic kitchen open for guests to catch a glimpse of what the chef is getting up to, why not order the beer battered herbal chicken wings or the crab and cream cheese spring rolls. They also have more traditional organic healthy options such as cold tofu salad, salmon boiled in a blue lagoon of anchan petals and cold udon noodles topped with mixed sashimi. The range of flavours and the unique combinations of food styles and tastes means each visit can be a new experience. In the small community there are also shops selling today’s freshest organic vegetables, spa products, a wine bar and a beer garden.


5 Soi 3, Kampang Din Road, Haiya (past Midnight Fried Chicken on the wall side further down)

Venue Type Cafe, Restaurant Cuisine Fusion, Health Food, Japanese, Noodles, Northern Opening Times Open 7am – 10pm 052 087 191, 091 854 5391