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 |  February 26, 2010


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• Love is

What a delightfully presented article on Tom and Dot Delaney. Well told indeed. Such interviews introduce readers right into the hearts of Chiang Mai’s expats.

More such ‘down to the real people’ articles would surely prove welcome.

Ric Richardson

• CityFan

Has Citylife stopped ‘Photo of the Week’? Hope not; there were some magnificent photos presented there. I’ve just had a chance to ‘catch up’ on reading the December and January issues after some serious motorbike riding in Laos. (Wow, what a beautiful country, especially in the north, and lovely people). For what it’s worth, I noted these articles as being special:


1)Travel section; TAT’s Khun Chalermsak admitting that ‘tiered pricing’ (pricing discrimination) might scare visitors away’. I know it does.

2) ‘A Trip to Solaris’ because there is a lot of old Thailand still to be found if one takes the time and effort to do so.


1)’The Lanna Deception’. Vithi’s frankness is refreshing. I thoroughly enjoy hearing from Thais who have strong opinions about a topic.

2)’Dudeism’ for its originality and humour (and validity).

I’m one who thinks Citylife is improving with age; like a good wine.
So ‘well done’ to all and best wishes for many more editions.

See you at the garden fair.


• Smash and Grab

Hey Citylife. I’ve been reading your mag for a few years now and find it often quite refreshing. It’s hard to find anything critical in this city where the media is concerned. Seems everyone has a price.

This brings me to my point. I’ve been here more than a decade – testament to the fact I still enjoy it, but one thing is starting to wind me up the wrong way and I feel it may soon be time to elope with my suitcase (again). I used to enjoy Samui, a decade ago, but since they turned it into the Costa del McDonalds it’s become unbearable. This has happened to many other seaside hotspots. Pai used to be nice, not now, it’s overdeveloped, overburdened, overdone. And Chiang Mai, how I used to love my beautiful spot by the mountains. Though now they have built a condo on every bit of green, a foot spa or Japanese restaurant on every bit of free space, and all this tranquility and peace and ‘Rose of the North’ propaganda is fast becoming totally unrealistic when the city is becoming a concrete jungle. How are they gonna market this sublime hamlet when it’s a cramped, jammed, polluted mess? Think about that business people, you are killing your cash cow. It’s jammed 24/7 and it stinks, how yer gonna sell that? And you know what, all this copying of business will come a cropper ‘cos there just aren’t enough people to fill the fads. Half of those condos recently built or presently being built will become skeletal as there won’t be enough people to fill them, they’ll become eyesores.

Can no one save the city and make sure some part of it is not developed? Is it just a case of smash and grab? Get what you can and run off with the bag of swag? Don’t think about others, the community, the city? For God’s sake don’t let what happened in Bangkok (voted world’s ugliest city by most that visit) happen here in Chiang Mai. Why destroy this place? In the words of Jim Morrison, “What have we done to the world, tied her with fences and dragged her down” Please someone, ‘Save our City’.

Citizen X

• Mad Squirrel

We have a squirrel in our garden that comes down from the tree and does somersaults. We feed him after with nuts and cereal. But he always keeps his distance. Not much I know, but it’s the best Chiang Mai story I have so I thought I’d tell you.

G Man