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 |  April 29, 2010

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• Where are the Biblical Rains?

I have heard parts of Bangkok and Pattaya being compared to the sinful cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, where a preponderance of vice and venal activity induced the big man’s wrath and had him pelt the wicked cities with his always heavily stocked arsenal of brimstone and fire. Now, I feel in Chiang Mai, even though we may not always be the ‘cultural capital’ they say we are, or as traditionally naive as others describe us, we don’t deserve the kind of treatment we’ve been religiously receiving for the past several months. Ok, we have the odd salacious soi and gaudy strip of karaoke bars, we have drugs and violence and hit and runs, but we try to keep it respectable, you can hardly compare us to the nefarious nooks and crannies around the sexual slums of lower Sukhumvit. So why, right now, does it seem that God’s wrath has been focused on us poor citizens of the north? For months now fire has rained from the heavens not only making this the hottest place in Thailand but destroying all our wonderful crops, while each and every breath of air is festooned with those tiny black particles of brimstone and ash. Come on God, if you can hear us over the cacophony of couldn’t-care-less construction sites on every inch of free space, for your sake, give us a break here in the north. And if you’re so pissed you want to prolong our agony could you please send down a great flood?


Humble Servant

• 48 Hour Party People

Thanks to all the organisers of the Chiang Mai Beach Festival for a fantastic party! I went for the Saturday night and had such a brilliant time that I ended up going back on Sunday. The music was great, the vibe fun and friendly and the crowd an interesting mix of Thais, foreign visitors and ex-pats. It’s really something to see Chiang Mai pull off a party of an international standards such as this _ hope there are more in the pipeline!


Party Hearty

• Playing Water

Just writing in to report that I have survived another Songkran, now my 13th – you can imagine how my superstitious side feared the worse. But I am still here, and not even with an ear infection or a poisoned liver from drinking myself half to death. Wow, I must have more lives than a cat. I got through at least 20 odd situations when people tried to knock me off my bike when riding at high speed in the evening. No, even with a full bucket of cold water smacking me in the face at 100 km per hour in the dark and two picks ups on my tail I managed to cling on. I am a survivor!


• More Fish in the Gutter

I’d just like to say that as a foreign woman living here in Chiang Mai I have never felt what some people refer to as ‘foreign women complex’ – a complex probably made up by men, whereby foreign women become frustrated with their foreign counterparts dating only/mostly Thai women and eventually become quite hostile to farang males. I’ve been here more than 10 years and personally have never struggled in fulfilling my carnal requirements, only last week at the Beach Festival I had ample opportunities to ‘score’. I don’t know where these women are who can’t pull, but maybe they have been hanging around the same worn out crusty tourist spots too long. Come on girls, there are plenty better fish in the market, leave the bloated old trout to the gutters.

Suzie V

• Generation Y

I just wanna say that Citylife has had some sick issues of late and is getting much better IMO. I’ll graduate soon and move out of the country but I’m hoping to catch you online or maybe even get some copies sent over. I never read it in the past but really it’s totally loads better than it was . . . I think . . . I didn’t read it, but you know what I mean. Good photography too, and good stories. From me and some buddies . . . keep up the good work.

J from Prem