Your Say

 |  July 1, 2010

• No Place to Skate!

I just wanted to say Thank You! Thank you for representing the X-treme people. It’s about time that they get some notice. I really believe that we (the CM youth) need a skate/bike park here in Chiang Mai. I can’t believe that the local government hasn’t noticed this. The second largest city in Thailand, but nowhere for these extreme warriors to play! The city of Chiang Mai needs a skate-park! Everywhere else in South East Asia countries have some kind of skate-park that was built by the local government. Look at Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, etc…Right now, you will see skaters and bikers @ the Three Kings Monument almost every weekend…it’s because they don’t have anywhere else to go! I truly believe that “If you build it, they will come!” I really hope to see a RAD skate park here in my AWESOME city one day!

From Robert the CM-O.G. Sk8er! O(-<]:

[Ed. In response to this, and other letters, Citylife has set up a small survey on our Facebook page to see if there is any interest in supporting such a venture. If you too would like to see a skate-park in Chiang Mai, please either visit our Facebook page or email]

• Hard Times

I have noticed that the lack of tourists are causing many many smaller businesses to shut down recently. I was wondering whether we should somehow organise some big fair where people can get together on the cheap and sell wares, car boot sale style? Perhaps Citylife would be interested in initiating this type of event to kick start the local economy.