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 |  September 28, 2010

• Classical Mistake

A small correction to one of Nick Hanlon’s choices of the greatest pieces of music written as printed in ‘City Talk’ in the September edition. ‘Ode to Joy’ is a poem that was written in 1785 by German Friedrich Schiller. The most famous musical setting was by Ludwig Van Beethoven sometime before 1824 which he used in the final movement of his 9th Symphony (The Choral). It is now also used as the official anthem of the European Union.

Although the poem has been set to music by various other composers, e.g., Schubert, Tchaikovsky, and Johann Strauss II, Mozart was not among them.

Derek Bridge

• The Red Shirts are Coming

Thank you for the interview with Chiang Mai’s mayor.

Not sure that we learned a lot, he has certainly been well schooled in the art of ‘politic speak’. I guess you may want to re visit him in 12 months and give him a report card. Now if you could only find the ‘red shirt radio lady’. I’m sure she will be making an appearance at the planned ‘red shirt’ rally later this month!

Mike Parker

[Ed. I am afraid that DJ Aom (red shirt ‘activist’) is not available for interviews these days…we have tried!]

• Defamation

I read the interview with Mayor Tassanai hoping that some additional relevant topics would be addressed. During and after the mayoral elections there were accusations of vote buying and other irregularities directed towards Khun Tassanai and his team. For example, I was told by a Thai friend that representatives of our new mayor visited her workplace and offered between 500 and 1000 baht to obtain votes.

According to our (then) weekly newspaper, Chiang Mai Mail of 29th Sept-5th Oct, ‘Complaints which have been received at the office (Office of the Election Commission) up to September 24 concern illegal activities including vote-buying, damaging election campaign boards and removing certain candidates’ advertising boards. The commission has reported this to the police’, Patcharin said.

The same newspaper said in its 3rd Nov-9th Nov issue that Khun Tassanai ‘ … addressed the irregularities cited regarding his election and expressed confidence in his innocence and that he did everything according to the law.’

So, there were allegations and there was an expression of innocence by our mayor. Apparently there was an investigation. What has become of that? I may have missed it, but I believe investigations into these serious allegations have either been ‘swept under the carpet’ or are on-going. Either way, isn’t reasonable that the residents of Chiang Mai are informed of developments?

Another question that I would have liked the mayor to respond to is this; ‘How many councillors are now attending council meetings?’ I ask because apparently early after Khun Tassanai took office only six of the twenty four councillors were prepared to attend Council meetings. Apparently this is because of a split within their ranks where 18 members support a losing candidate and only 6 support our new Mayor. “


• NOISE!!!!!

Many hundreds of residents in the Soi 6 Nimmanhaemin Road area need you, as chief of police, to take personal responsibility for solving a very serious problem in our area which nobody else has been able to deal with: the very noisy and very illegal nightclub called Chalerm Krung.

The management, committees and residents of the surrounding condos, hotels and houses including Hillside 3, Punna Residences, Condo 103, Baan Thai, Yantarasiri Resort, Kantary Hills have complained officially many times to the police, the governor’s office and the local media about this illegal club and also about Tawaan Dang nightclub, both of which are getting louder and louder, later and later at night.

We are sorry to say that the general belief in the area-true or not true – is that a senior policeman is, in fact, a part owner of Chalerm Krung and/or that the police are being bribed to ignore the laws of Thailand so this club can continue its illegal activities and disturb the whole area every night.

The problem is not just one of extreme noise – booming bass and very loud, loud music, sometimes at late as 2:30 a.m. – but also the underage drinking and drunken shouting, screaming and fighting on the street after the club finally closes.

This means that hundreds of people nearby have their sleep stolen from them every night. The owners of these clubs are so greedy to make money, but so afraid to spend any that they have not even soundproofed their buildings!
Therefore, we appeal to you, as chief of police, with final responsibility for upholding Thai law and protecting the rights of the people of Chiang Mai, to deal effectively with those who openly abuse and disrespect their neighbors, the city, Thai law…and the police.

Soi 6 which has been called “the noisiest place in Chiang Mai”. We hope to see the permanent closure of Chalerm Krung since everyone knows the club is unlicensed, illegal and an insult to the people and officials of Chiang Mai.

Many thanks from the residents of the Soi 6, Nimman area.

[Ed. We were unable to list the cced names for lack of space.]