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 |  October 29, 2010

• MSG Uncertainty

In Citylife September 2010, I was very interested to read the article by Julia Shiplett ‘The taste of uncertainty: What’s hiding behind MSG.’ In this article Julia states, ‘Despite years of research and studies on the effects of processed glutamate on our bodies, data is by and large inconclusive and anecdotal.’ Sadly this is not true. I cite just one reference:

Dr Russell Blaylock is an American neurosurgeon.


Anthony Sneddon

• To all builders, architects and decorators

In the name of preserving the character and style of Chiang Mai do you think we could please put the whole ‘polished concrete’ fad to rest. It’s dull, industrial and cold, and it’s turning Chiang Mai into a ghastly no-frills factory. I guarantee, in a few years time we’ll all wake to our senses and wonder what we ever saw in it.

Concrete thoughts

• Hidden Spine

OMG! I just noticed, after reading Citylife for a couple of years, that you have little cute quotations on the spine of the magazine. It is so cool, and I have been going back to old copies to find other quotes and they’re all very clever. What other little secrets do you have?


• Hard Hit Harry

You doing your garden party again soon? It is one of my winter month highlights and such a perfect day out for my family. My husband props up the bar, I shop, and the children play with the dogs from Lanna Dog Rescue. Please announce soon when the next event will be held.

Sally Moreland

[Ed. Well, since winter is just around the corner, we shall be having our second Garden Fair this year on November 28th. Please do come and bring all your friends.]

• Double Whammy

Very glad to see both investigative pieces this month, the Night Bazaar and Chang Khian stories. As a business owner at the Night Bazaar (and resident of Chang Khian), I feel that you could have written something more positive and upbeat to help us out in this situation, but I kinda understand that it wasn’t your job to – where is TAT? The situation is dire and many of us feel that something which has been important to Chiang Mai for decades is being left to die. Why don’t more people care?

Chang Khian’s issues are more disturbing as they involve the environment, which affects us all. I think it is time residents upped the pressure and demanded explanations from condos, who must explain to us how they have managed to buck the law.

• Bright Side Up

I have a really positive story to share. Everyone is talking about corruption at all levels these days and it is very depressing, but I had a great experience the other day. I u-turned where I wasn’t allowed to by mistake and was hailed by a policeman. My wife was in the car next to me and quickly took out a handful of notes, telling me to give it to the policeman. I was not happy about this, but she insisted. When I finally, and full of embarrassment, offered him the money, I was immediately told to go to the police station where I had to pay my normal fee through the proper channels. The angry policeman also gave me a speech, in broken English, about the evils of corruption.

Needless to say my wife is being sheepish, but I think it was a great experience and lesson learned.

Chastised by the klong