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 |  December 24, 2010

• The Horror Continued

James Austin Farrell’s article about crass photos in the Thai media appeared to suggest that the ethics of Thai journalists are the main (only?) line of defence against the types of graphic images he writes about. In fact the Thai Constitution (2007) _ which is meant to be the overarching law of Thailand _ states the following:

Section 35. A person’s family rights, dignity, reputation and the right of privacy shall be protected.

The assertion or circulation of a statement or picture in any manner whatsoever to the public, which violates or affects a person’s family rights, dignity, reputation or the right of privacy, shall not be made except for the case which is beneficial to the public.

Bruce Bickerstaff

• Kudos Editor!

I just wanted to express how much I enjoyed your last editorial on the freedoms we have here in Thailand, the common sense used, and the contrast to the way the rest of the world seems to be heading. Very well done. Your writing is the first thing I always read, as you express things most editors would not in an honest and non-threatening way. I greatly admire your ability to express your thoughts and appreciate the degree of risks involved as well.

Toivo and Thip Mykkanen

• Garden Partying

Thanks and congratulations to all involved in presenting another very enjoyable Garden Fair.

I especially enjoyed the wine, the black bean bags and the sick sixties music (in that order). Keep on keeping on.



• Free ‘SOON’ Magazine copies

I am writing to you with a special offer for your readers. We will send regular free copies of our easy-English paper ‘SOON’ to anyone who writes to us. ‘SOON’ carries real-life stories from people around the world. It contains the answers to many of life’s problems, such as worry, fear, and loneliness. Easy language and explanation of word meanings help those who are learning English. Many English teachers use ‘SOON’ in their lessons.

Your readers can write to us at:

SOON, Willington, Derby DE65 6BN, England. or email to:

Yours sincerely,

M. Whittaker, Distribution Department

• As if!

I have been visiting/wintering in lovely Chiang Mai for 20+ years and enjoy reading your informative, interesting magazine! As 2010 has been a sad year (I lost three family members) I decided to consult a psychic about my future and ended up with a consultation with Diana Manilova. Upstairs, her small study was overtaken by a huge pile (5′ by 4′) of broken glass which I had to carefully ease myself around. She sat in the far corner, making her so difficult to hear (albeit a strong Russian accent). Immediately, she said: “YOU are very special. You are not of this earth, not human but from Saturn!” Within minutes then as I asked about my family, she said, “You do not have to worry about your child, for she will be dead soon!” This is my ONLY child, so I was instantly upset anyone would even say that! Diana shouted at me to cease crying, but determined to see this to the end, I decided to endure whatever would happen next. But I was thoroughly stunned by her heartlessness and casual attitude. Next I was told:
1) Check out Taoism (OK).
2) Read anecdotes + Winnie the Pooh (a children’s book?)
3) Wear makeup and dress more womanly with jewellery.
4) Keep good health because you will have to raise your orphaned grandkids (3) (I am 60+ years old).

And for yelling her predictions at me for an hour, disappearing for 10 minutes and incessantly checking her watch, I was charged 3,000 baht by her tall, intimidating and much younger husband Mark. “Just put the ‘offering’ under the small Buddha statue please!” I should have run away!

I emailed my feelings and asked to meet with her but no reply of course…

Shame on you!

Very sincerely,

M. Whittaker, Distribution Department

• Under the Spell

Several years ago, you wrote an article relating to the English language. In this article you cited something that you had seen at Tesco-Lotus store, namely: We Care You.
Recently at Power Buy in Robinsons in Central Airport Plaza, I noticed several members of staff wearing tracksuit tops, with the following printed on the back:-
I asked the staff what the meaning was, but they could not tell me.


Anthony Sneddon