Your Say

 |  March 1, 2011

• Shakedown

My friend’s business was shaken down recently by the authorities (I don’t want to get them into more trouble, so won’t say which authorities). Let’s just say that men in uniform came in and threatened and harassed them into a bribe even though all the business’s papers were legit. Why would they have paid you may ask? Well, they took the staff to jail _ again, legit staff _ and threatened to keep them overnight unless a bribe was paid. It was paid. So, my question is now what? Do we go and report them? That is the right thing to do, but what about future repercussions? Do we just leave it alone and wait for the next shakedown? I am not sure what to advise them but am frankly disgusted and horrified at such blatant corruption.


• Smoked Out

I suppose every year you do your regular stories on the pollution and I suppose there is not much point writing about the same thing year after year, but do you have any idea what is being done this year, perhaps more than others, to combat pollution? Is it same same but different?

Chris T.

• No Smut

I thought that the porn story was very well written and a fascinating read. Was a bit worried at first with the graphics and the title, but it was smutless and informative. Well done.


• Women’s Rights

Loved the magazine, the Porn Story was very enlightening indeed – just as I suspected – women are far more sexually perverse than men realise!!!

Love M

• Go Woman!

Thanks a lot for my CityCard. I actually didn’t use it until I went to Chang Dao Nest. I happily spent a fortune on all that great food and drink they have there, but when my bill came I remembered about CityCard and they gave me and my family a 10% discount on the entire bill, including room. We saved loads of cash. I guess I’ll use it more often. But please, can you make it more obvious where we can use these cards?


Paul and fam

• Outrage

I know your mag has done its bit to clean up the city, but still, does anything ever change here? The noisy clubs still play on after God knows how many articles you’ve written and how many ‘high’ people you’ve interviewed. The pollution never got any better, in fact vehicle pollution is much worse. Condos are going up on every bit of green we had in the city, corrupt cops are still as venal as they’ve ever been and their crimes go unreported in the mainstream media. Kids get thrown in jail for smoking pot while alcohol related deaths fill the morgues every night and this goes on ignored. The education system is still appalling and archaic, the history books are full of lies. The rich have total immunity against the law while the poor are condemned to the gutters where they are taken advantage of by a host of despicable people. Does anything ever change?

Compassionate Sam