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 |  March 28, 2011

• Crashing

On the 27th January 2011 I was struck down from behind whilst riding my bicycle in the second lane headed east on the Irrigation Canal Road between Doi Suthep and Suthep Road. At 1:15 p.m. I was struck from behind by a young girl riding her motorcycle at high speed, I believe she was returning to her work colleagues with many bags of food on her handlebars.

The impact was heavy and both of us were thrown to the ground hard, I suffered multiple fractures of the pelvis and the girl suffered light injuries to her leg and arm, luckily she was wearing a crash helmet as was I at the time. I was in Ram hospital for 5 days and required an ambulance to take me back home to Chiang Rai where I live with my Thai wife. I will be convalescing for 5-6 weeks according to doctors in both Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

Stewart Hirst of the Chiang Mai Tourist Police Volunteers, I am proud to say, appeared just moments after the crash and stopped. He was most effective acting as a neutral mediator between the crash victim (myself) and the rider of the motorcycle. We both needed immediate attention and as a retired doctor from the UK he provided assistance professionally, generously, and with confidence.

Days after Stewart continued to be helpful by assisting me in filling a police report form and obtaining the services of a competent lawyer. He even sorted out the damage to the motorcycle game that was being played by the girl’s boyfriend by liaising with the local police and was able to acquire an independent damage report. Mr Hirst also went to the Ram hospital and saw the doctor who entrusted him with the very expensive anticoagulant drugs that I need in Chiang Rai urgently and he ensured fast and secure postage.

In conclusion I am pleased to say that Stewart’s presence and diligent watchfulness made things a lot better than they would have been without the Chiang Mai Tourist Police looking over us.

Thank you Mr Stewart
From George and Noot Daher, Chiang Rai

• Prison Missives

Maybe your friend in Bang Kwang Prison could write some interesting articles for Citylife from inside, that might stop someone else from making the same mistakes. What do you think? A column from Gary?

I. Freeman

• Deaths in Chiang Mai

Everyone is talking about it, but other than ThaiVisa gossip it seems there isn’t too much to read about it. I am talking about the deaths of the unfortunate people at the Downtown Inn. This city by now should have an investigative reporter, someone not afraid to tell the real stories of Chiang Mai. The Thai newspapers sometimes read like a Hollywood script, yet all we hear of are drug busts and elephant accidents. Where is our news!?

Bob the Builder

• Inside Jail

First of all, please accept my apology in repeating some of the same details as before. My name is Mustafa Ozdemir. I am a 33 year old Turkish national who is a prisoner at Bangkok’s Klong Prem Prison. I’m in total despair and need your help.

My only contact to the outside world at present is by reading copies of your magazine. I feel like I don’t have anybody inside or outside the prison that I can speak to and I feel very alone.

I really don’t know what to do; I don’t have money to buy anything even basic toiletries , and there’s no way I can earn money in prison . Life in here is so hard for me and each day is just a struggle to get by. I’m sorry I had to write to you but it is the only way. I feel I can ask for help. I was wondering if you could please publish my letter and contact details and then maybe someone would want to write to me or visit me, and then I wouldn’t feel so alone. I can only hope for human kindness to help me through this difficult time. Thanks.

Klong Prem Poison does not allow parcels of toiletries or anything else. Toiletries can be bought only from the prison shop when somebody visits.
You can deposit money in my name when you visit. You can buy money orders from the post office and mail to me by post.

I will appreciate it if someone writes to me as a penpal. I really would like to write to someone. Life in here is hard each day plus boring. Thanks for your time. I also need Thai postage stamps for letters, if possible.

Mustafa Ozdemir
Klong Prem Prison-6, Jatuchak
Bangkok 10900