Your Say

 |  September 1, 2011


So then Citylife, seems you’ve been a bit quiet lately concerning what happened at the Downtown Inn. You might say you are just a city mag, but as the best English mag in a town where real journalism definitely has never existed you do have a bit of a responsibility to keep us expats informed. It seems these local rags will always follow the police line on everything as they don’t have the guts to do otherwise, but then they don’t even have the gumption to follow up on these things. Murders and malfeasance just seem to blow away, swept away by the brush of the authorities into that big pile of ‘truth’ under the great Thai rug. Or, I might be wrong, those deaths could have merely been a coincidence, just as our good governor told us. Because the Thai police would not lie, would they? They wouldn’t protect a powerful, rich person… no, no, no, they wouldn’t do that. Has anyone even published the hotel owner’s name? Do we have conclusive autopsy reports? Is it safe for others to stay at this place? Come on Citylife, someone must keep us informed.

A. Stranger

Adding up the Errors

You pride yourself on your English, and most of it is good, but what about the adverts? Does it not bother you that some of them have terrible English? Why do you not take responsibility for their image too? I read some ads in your magazine and shake my head in wonder. What are your editors thinking letting these through?


Blowing Smoke up a Cat’s Arse

Just thought I’d tell you this. For the first time in my old life I decided to have a pet cat. I’d had loads of dogs in the past. They’d all gone mental and died, fallen under a truck, or chased a bitch’s tail into the beyond and no doubt succumbed to starvation not long after a five second knee-trembler in the bush. Dogs can be trouble, and they tend to get in trouble. So I got my cat from a shelter in Chiang Mai and it is perfect. It doesn’t rely on me for anything, but still she sits by me and seems in a way to understand me. I might be going mad though, I have thought about that. Talking to my cat has become my favourite pastime. And I rarely see my friends anymore. So what am I saying? Cats are cool…for therapy.

Bobby (yeah, as if)

City Lives

Love the magazine, but wouldn’t mind seeing a few of us ordinary people in there from time to time. We need more expat stories. Not just features on dignitaries, criminals and academics. Let’s get some farang in there.

Jane Clarke

Lost in Space

I live on Soi Sukasam, just off Nimmanhaemin Road, where they are now building ‘a new’ condo. Now, not only has this condo taken up all the light, blocked our view of the mountain – being about 6 feet away from 103 condo – but it has added more noise to this already noisy area. The street has been destroyed in the last two years. I would like to ask, as this street is already becoming choc-o-bloc with traffic, if the condo has thought about traffic congestion and how it will deal with it?

Is there not any area that won’t be destroyed in Chiang Mai so some people in Bangkok can buy more diamonds and flashy cars? Please someone, Save Our City!