Your Say

 |  November 30, 2011

♦ Body Parts

In ‘This is Thailand’ November 2011 someone asked, ‘How much does it cost to get married?’ I was surprised at the answer James gave, I thought that a more appropriate reply would have been ‘AN ARM and a LEG’!


Anthony Sneddon

♦ Show me the Money

The editor wrote a couple of months ago in her editorial about how the new government’s policies will benefit Chiang Mai economically. Since then we have had the floods. It would be interesting indeed to read about projections for Chiang Mai in 2012, that is if we make it to the end, what with the Armageddon and end of the world and all.

Broke but hopeful

♦ Solid Editorial

Editorial extremely well written, you touched the core of the much talked about educational short comings in Thailand. Your editorial echoed my feelings.

Beautifully written….I’m impressed (again).


♦ Feeling Empowered

Excellent article by James Austin Farrell this month, though a tad long! It was refreshing to read about prostitution in such a positive and non-judgmental light. I was most impressed by Liz Hilton of Empower, who I have had the privilege of meeting a few times, a sensible, no nonsense woman with a good head on her shoulders. Keep up the good work Liz.

B. Dawson

♦ For Sale

Handsome Men+Invisible Women was a sublime piece of journalism, brilliant piece…


♦ Flood of Ads

I never do understand why you inundate us with so many adverts. It is distracting from the content of the magazine, which I generally find acceptable, though to be honest, there are some rather painful columnists which I tend to skip over. If you want people to take your articles seriously then maybe stop distracting us with your glitzy ads.

Toby Moore

♦ Issues

I don’t suppose I need to compliment you on your magazine, after all you publish enough letters doing just that.

I would like to point out that two letters from your November issue were from obvious clones, namely ‘Issues’ and ‘Melodrama?’. With identical first paragraphs and the identical mistake, surely somebody could have noticed that before publication?

As a local magazine, I would like to see more local content. Whilst articles on the sex industry, Beaujolais Nouveau, gay rights etc., etc. are all interesting, surely a little more campaigning against things that directly affect the population would be also useful.

I suppose I might mention pollution, in all its forms, increasing traffic together with poor/dangerous roads, even food hygiene. I know you have mentioned them in the past, but they will not go away or improve without constant criticism.

Anyway, I do look forward to each issue of Citylife, however late, and thank you for keeping it free –and congratulations to your interns, they show promise.