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 |  February 29, 2012

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+ Bloody Rude +

I am amazed at the behaviour of expats in this city. The Thai people are friendly but I’ve had a few unpleasant incidents, with expats.

Whilst walking down Loi Kroh Road my wife was looking into the bars as she walked past, she wasn’t judging, she wasn’t criticising. Suddenly this expat guy started shouting at her about how her kind, and from that we assumed, white women, were not welcome in this country and that is why he is living here and not at home and she should just go back because this iSet featured images not the place for her. The Thai ladies looked embarrassed, my wife was shocked, I was gobsmacked.

A few weeks later, in Airport Plaza, a farang woman came up to my wife and said, “Don’t bother, they don’t make clothes for normal people in this country.” And added a few nasty insults about the Thai physique.

There seems to be a lot of negativity here among expats, you see it on forums online and with the bar chatter, it seems so out of place in a country which can be so full of happiness, and yes, I know I am new, and naive, but basic manners surely shouldn’t be neglected.


F. Watson

+ Anonymously Alcoholic+

Thank you very much for providing the information drinking and sobriety in Thailand. I must admit that I did contact the AA group and am thinking of going. It has been too easy to drink every night since moving here and retiring, there is always someone inviting you somewhere. It has also been easy to drink excessively because of the low cost. I don’t think I am an alcoholic yet, but I am getting concerned, so I am going to try to go to a meeting or two. I see so many expats propping up bars and ending up at the caravan at 4-5 or even later in the morning, many of them regulars. And since I see them regularly, maybe I too am seen as one of them.