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 |  May 31, 2012

+ Mom Rage

You don’t have an unbiased bone in your body.

I will say it again. You are corrupt, self-serving, and weak. You use your magazine to promote friends and hurt people who are not as ‘beautiful’ as you and your pals. Only the kiss-ass suck-up people who flatter you seem to make it into your magazine. And now I see you work with Lonely Planet.

Disgusting. As one poster noted about the Archers, “about the Lonely Planet entry – Pim must like you a lot!” Everybody knows you base your reviews on only your personal feelings about the owners. Yes you are totally unprofessional. No you are not honest or fair. Your ‘reviews’ are anything but. Just lame attempts at promoting your friends, and punishing people you find ‘lower’ thank you.

Exactly the attitude I would expect from a hi-so wannabee. Shame on you for being so weak and biased. You wouldn’t know journalism if it slapped you in the face. Disgusting.

PS – yes I know you. My son was at a party a few years ago, and when he met you he got quite excited about telling you about a project he was working on in Chiang Mai. You took an instant dislike to him, and then went on to tell mutual friends of ours that “he would NEVER make it into Citylife”. You want to talk ‘maturely?’ OK. Instead of being a vindictive adult, you should try being a professional journalist.

Your petty and ‘hi-so’ attitude of entitlement turns you into a disgusting and corrupt human being. Shame on you Pim.

[Ed. Maruna…well, please tell your son to contact me, if I have insulted him in any way I will be happy to talk about it and apologise. I would be surprised if I had said such a thing for no reason, but since no one goes through life without blame, I certainly can’t claim to do so, especially as I don’t know to what you are referring. I haven’t written for Lonely Planet since 2002 and have yet to visit the Archer’s.]

+ Gen X Entrepreneurs

I am a student at the Business Faculty of CMU and we studied the entrepreneur issue in class this month. It was interesting to see many types of entrepreneurs, some are very focused and successful, some are smaller business people but who care very much for what they do. I like it that you show different styles of entrepreneur and many students in our class want to be entrepreneurs one day and it was fun for us to pick which style we want to be. I want to be like the Salad Concept sisters, I admire their passion, their quality and their success.

Nui Pannadda

+ Web Down and Out

Sawadee krup to my friends at Citylife.

I love the design of your new on line news and information pertaining to Chiang Mai. It is definitely a big plus to the needs of news and events to Chiang Mai and the area.

I use Citylife online as my bible for events and happenings in Chiang Mai, and having up to date news is a definite plus. One thing I am not able to navigate is the classified advertisements, however.

Have you discontinued that feature? It has been a great community resource for me in the past when I want to purchase or sell something.

Wishing you all the success in the world.

Barry Wasserzug
[Ed. We apologise but our host, Dreamhost, was hacked, and we were down for a few days in May.]

+ Double Whammy

Great article!

I never understood the government’s logic with the minimum wage. Thailand has an enormous informal sector whose workers won’t get the minimum wage, particularly the rural family farms farming businesses, where no one is an ‘employee’. These people, who I thought were some of the government’s key supporters, will face a double whammy. Firstly from sky rocketing inflation increasing their cost of living whilst the income from their crop will likely fall as Thailand’s rice exports plummet following the government’s meddling in the market with the mortgage scheme.

I don’t believe the inflation figures either, seems everyday prices are going up faster. Just yesterday I was in a bar where they increased 17% by the owner adding VAT and 10% service charge. The staff, who were noticeably unhappy by this arrangement, will see tips plummet and be no better off. The owner will likely see a drop in customers too.

Bon Tong

+ Food Hunting

The wife and I tried out three of the restaurants Citylife recommended last month [City Buzz section] and really enjoyed them. We’d heard of this khao chae royal Thai dish but never knew how we could try it, so we went to White Tembo which really charmed the wife and she fell in love with this fascinating dish. Who would have thought to put ice water with jasmine with rice? Then we went to The Duke’s new River Market, we were quite dubious at first about a farang opening up a Thai restaurant, and we heard that the prices weren’t quite street prices, but the portions were huge, I thought the food was spot on and we will go back for the beers and sunsets. We struggled to find Abe’s Memory, but finally found someone who had been there. It was very basic, not somewhere I would take visitors, but for a tasty, dirt cheap organic lunch, it was excellent. Please keep finding these interesting new restaurants to recommend. It is becoming a monthly thing for us now. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next time.

Foodie couple