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 |  June 26, 2012

• The Collector

Dr. Hans Banziger’s interview shows only one of hundreds, even thousands, of really unique and brilliant people both Thai and expats who live in and around Chiang Mai, but whose low profile means that we often only read about them after they are gone. it was a great pleasure to read of Dr. Banzinger’s research and while I have tried to Google him, I haven’t found that much else on him or his subjects. I have been an amateur moth and butterfly collector for decades and would love to meet Dr. Banzinger to discuss my collection with him.

Thomas Rhodes

• CattyLife

Meeeeaaaaaaw! The letter to the editor this month is the talk of the town. Good on you for printing it, though I am sure you anticipated the relish we all had in reading it. Am not sure if that is some personal issue between you and the writer, but she certainly doesn’t think much of you! Good read though, would love to see responses about it. Total nonsense anyway the whole high-so thing.

R. Scotland

• Good News

I want to congratulate your team on the successful launch of your new web site CityNews []. It is impressive to see that Citylife can branch into daily news from being a monthly. I understand that Chiang Mai lacks some of the more sensational news of Pattaya or Phuket, but you do a good job putting out what little drama we have going on. I would however, appreciate having more investigative news about what is going on, things which affect us residents. Also one thing that has been a pet peeve of mine for ever is lack of news follow up. Instead of writing about yet another ya ba bust, why not take the time to go and follow up on what is going on with the Down Town Inn? What about the 111 banned politicians, why not see which ones from Chiang Mai are still in politics and what their plans are? What’s up with the Chiang Mai Hollywood project? What is happening at the Night Safari with all the rumours of dead animals? What about fake police who go around scamming people? And what is going on with flooding this year? We need more indepth and follow up reports.Respectfully,


• Dear Editor

I notice that the excellent ‘Out in the City’ does not appear in your June issue. I have read every one of James Barnes’ columns and am always entertained and informed by his wit and unpredictable opinions. Please tell me that Mr Barnes is on holiday and will return soon!

Philip Myles