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 |  August 30, 2012

• Disappointed Royalist 

It was VERY disappointing that nothing was arranged for HM Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee here in Chiang Mai. People do not expect a free party – and most would be willing to pay for one – it will not cost the consulate a penny – but the consulate needs to ‘head’ the party – it needs to come from the consulate. There are plenty of appropriate venues here in Chiang Mai. Can they start thinking of one for next year – to either celebrate HM Birthday or Coronation Day OR SOMETHING!!!!!! I am sure Citylife – having one of its founding members (directors) as a previous honorary consul -would be willing to help promote the event.


• Thanks from Veterans of Foreign Wars  

Thank you so much [Grace] for the article you put together for us. It was nice of you to spend so much time for our group, what a great job you did. We needed a push to help everyone get back on track. And this was for sure the hit we needed. So I hope you feel proud you helped us. I am sure glad you showed up. It was fun entertaining you with coffee and a few ideas here and there.

Concerning the VFW. We need help, promoting what we do; membership, donations, events, ways we can get people to understand what we are doing and what our needs are. We are hoping to get people to understand what we are doing for Thai vets and the wives and kids of our group. Which are mostly Thai wives and half Thai kids. We would like to have more fund raising events, and donate more to local causes.

Grace, thanks again. It was really nice of you to put out such an effort for us. The VFW group is honoured to be in the lime light in Chiang Mai for a change of pace.

Lots of love,


• Safety Fears

Further to your recent article (CityNews March 30th, www.chiangmai Girl Scout Parents Drowning in Bills) about an accident at a local swimming pool. I would like to highlight the general lack of maintenance and safety at the 700 Year Sports Complex swimming pool. I am an Australian expat and enjoy using the pool and tennis courts. There is danger emerging in the lack of maintenance that extends, not just to the swimming pool but all through the complex. For example the wooden bike racing track is falling to pieces and is now totally unusable. There is enormous surface rust right across the exposed metal structures of the various stadiums that will develop into unfixable deep rust. Most dangerous of all is the giant 100ft high lighting towers of the main stadium. The large nuts and bolts that hold the towers to the ground concrete blocks are developing deep rust and if left unmaintained and not repaired an accident of catastrophic proportions could unfold as the towers topple over. I urge the authorities to begin a full safety inspection and implement a maintenance program in the complex as soon as possible.

Billy Boyle

• Impressive Young Writers

Considering half your articles in this month’s issue are written by young interns, some apparently as young as 15, I’m beginning to have some hope for this country’s future. These kids, mostly, I understand, are Thai, seem to be sensible and intelligent. And unless editors have taken great liberties, write better than writers I have read in some national newspapers. The article about the education system was thoughtful and I hope will engender debate (in fact, I also read with great interest this young writer’s interview of the social critic Kaewmala on your news site CityNews, very thought provoking) and the diet pills story should also be read by most young people today as a warning.

Looking around town with all the atrocious spelling and written word on every brochure, menu and poster, it is heartening to see young kids take great pride in the art of writing.

S. Mendez

• LOVED the Coffee Shop

After reading your review on Ban Suan Cafe we ventured out today, in very inclement weather, and were pleasantly surprised by the lovely location, food and a surprisingly good mid-week crowd.

As this cafe is on the road to nowhere I am presuming they could have only come from your magazine as no one seemed to know each other.

Well done!


Mike Parker

PS. There is a sign in Thai, at the cafe, which says closed 15th and 16th of each month which seems a bit weird. Could be a long drive if you are not aware of that fact.