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 |  December 25, 2012

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• Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

I am absolutely in love with Chiang Mai. It is easily my favourite city in the world! To tell you the truth, I will probably end up settling down here. There is just sooo much to do, and it still has a lot of cultural charm. You will find that the best trekking in Thailand is found around Chiang Mai. And you can forget about the Tiger Temple just outside of Bangkok, the Tiger Kingdom (just outside the city) is a million times better!

A Fan

• Shark Fin Scandal 

Recently, I was made aware that several restaurants and hotels in Chiang Mai were serving shark fin soup.  It appeared on the Fathers’ Day buffet menu at the Holiday Inn.  With all the films shown, and articles written, on the cruel killing and maiming of sharks for their fins to make this traditional Chinese soup, I find it appalling that it continues to be served in Chiang Mai.  Shark fin soup has already been banned in China and Taiwan.  Wake up Chiang Mai!

Ronny Lavin

• Flesh Overload

Having just picked up your previous and brilliantly informative copy of Citylife, I feel that I have tripled my knowledge of Pai and the range of places one can visit and things that one can do there.

I was just wondering if it would be possible to get any more specific information regarding the owner of Star Crystal Salt? I’d really like to avoid running into any naked Texan men during my hikes with my family, so any specific information regarding areas and times to avoid his skinny-dipping routine would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

Dr. Angela Prude

• Farewell Phil Daring

Count me among those who have looked forward to your column in each issue. I always got a smile or two. Good luck in your future endeavours. Yes, I have a Kindle and I will purchase Daring to Move.