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 |  January 28, 2013

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• Enter the Entrepreneur

‘Tina in Techland’ was an excellent article. Tina is a very gifted individual and the article gives some great insights into her contagious entrepreneur spirit. We will hear much more from Tina in the coming months and years.

Bob Wagoner

• Tough Topics

Thank you CityNews for writing such an informative article about the super touchy subject of paedophilia. I have firsthand knowledge of an atrocity to someone very close to my heart. An uncle out of marriage had left scars on this person most of her life. Fortunately, just recently this scumbag was caught after so many years of permanently scarring children’s lives. He is a native of Thailand and claims his deeds stem from poverty and the lack of not knowing it was wrong; bull malarkey. To me, I would think this is a trait we all understand when we are young or old, and does not come from a lack of knowledge and understanding. Maybe I am wrong, but my gut feeling every time I met this man before he was caught was to rip off his head. They know it is wrong; it is the lack of punishment that has exacerbated this terrible hurt to children. Thank you for touching the sort of subjects everyone else is afraid to mention.


• Burma Redux

‘Escaping the Tiger to the Mouth of the Crocodile’ was a very interesting story. Such strength and courage for this man! I’ve been to Burma last year and noticed that prices there for tourists are getting crazy, which is pretty bad for such a beautiful country with such nice people living in it! Wish I can go back there once again!

Tania Bloch

• Executioner’s Song

‘The Last Executioner’ sounds like a compelling, interesting, and maybe a bit shocking insight into the Thai psyche. I look forward to seeing the film.

Brad Ferguson

• Naked Texan Strikes Back 

Angela Prude asked recently regarding my specific skinny dipping schedule. [Letter January 2013]  Normally I go around 11 a.m. on Sunday mornings, but she shouldn’t be worried as I assume she’ll be in church at that time.

David Waltz, Owner of Star Crystal Salt