You Think you Can Dance!

 |  January 29, 2009

February, 2009

Chiang Mai has long been a town where the only form of dance practiced was of the Thai traditional slack-wrist genre that you may have first seen in the banned movie The King and I. You can still find those porcelain dolls doing their hand shimmies at various joints throughout the city, you can even learn how to do it yourself, but if, like 99 percent of the world, you think it’s rather, er, dull, there are now a handful of other dance moves you can pick up in the city. Whether you’re addicted to the shin dig, want to learn some better disco maneuvers, aim to impress your gal with some tango, seduce your man with some erotic moves, wonder if you can still do the ‘caterpillar’ or the ‘windmill’, Chiang Mai now has it all, from belly, to break, to ballroom….so get on your dancing shoes and shake your booty. Here are a few places you can go to finesse your techniques

Belly dancing with Monika
from now ’til April 7th only
Tel: 089 523 1469


at The Chiang Mai Ballet Academy
Contact: Tel 089 788 9603, 053 213445

[right]Hiphop at Dance Zone

7th Floor Kad Suan Kaew
Contact:Tel 053 894515


Linda Galloway

[right]Modern Jazz
at Chiang Mai Rhythm and
Motion Technique Institute
Contact: Tel/Fax 053 306488