Write for Chiang Mai Citylife Magazine!

 |  November 5, 2018

We are the leading English-language media source in Northern Thailand and have been intimately connected with the Chiang Mai community for over a quarter of a century. Citylife receives over 1 million unique page views on our website each year. We’re looking for content creators to produce well-written, relevant, researched, and interesting articles for Citylife Magazine and/or Citylife Online. We appreciate expressions of interest from established writers, but we also welcome up and coming writers and bloggers. If you are interested in writing for us, do the following:

  1. Read our past issues and articles.
  1. Pitch us a story idea.
  • The story concept should include the working title, summary, and a preliminary list of interviews and contacts, and the estimated number of words.
  1. Write and submit
  • Give us your best writing.
  • We will e-mail you back with: Feedback, acceptance, and a deadline; Feedback and denial; or Feedback and a request to for you to further develop your story.
  1. Citylife edits and accepts your article and pays you, or requests you to rework the article until it meets our standards

The pay per word is 2 baht if printed in the magazine. For example, an article of 1,500 words is 3,000 baht. We do not however, pay for online content. We are open to accepting unpaid submissions for online content and enjoy hearing from all quarters of the Chiang Mai community. Citylife reserves the right to reject any article, for any reason, at any stage before publication without compensation. If you are interested in writing for Chiang Mai Citylife Magazine, please send your story ideas to Crystal Winston, Digital Content Manager, at crystal@chiangmaicitylife.com. Include your working article title as the subject line.