What’s Buzzing?

 |  July 1, 2014

Lots of fabulous businesses to check out around the city, from coffee shops to restaurants to music lessons!

MaiPhai Cafe & Bar

This new health cafe and bar is an atmospheric and relaxing place to linger, nestled in the quiet lanes of Chiang Mai’s old city. Decorated using reclaimed bamboo, it captures the warmth and comfort of nature, creating a laidback environment for all those that visit. The emphasis on embracing natural products doesn’t stop with the interior design however, as the team boasts over 30 years of experience both sourcing and consuming organic ingredients packed with essential nutrients. The ambiance is community-oriented, perfect for families, friends and meeting new, like-minded people.  MaiPhai also features an eclectic range of cool music ranging from international lounge music to jazz, reggae dub, Latin, French, chilled electro, soul and blues. Don’t be afraid to linger with daily newspapers, free internet, and a selection

of books for reading, as well as bi-monthly live music events!

Open daily, 8am – midnight

9/5 Moon Muang Soi 2


083 864 7292

Urban Vintage

This brand new bar, cafe and restaurant is already gaining a reputation as one of the friendliest places in town. Jointly owned by a Thai musician and a German expat, Urban Vintage ups the ante when it comes to unique fusion food served in a laidback garden setting. On weekends, expats and Thais alike flock for fun-filled events, from all-day barbeques to Spanish sangria and paella nights, all with live music from an eclectic mix of handpicked bands, from Thai Lanna fusion to classic rock. The menu is as eclectic as the entertainment. Don’t miss their famous Slarby Joe, a northern Thai take on the American classic (Sloppy Joes, a summer camp staple) featuring pork larb covered in melted cheese and veggies and served on a sesame bun. Other must-trys are the currywurst with homemade sausage and curry sauce, pork goulash pasta, massaman cheese pot and gyro with onion rings and tzatziki sauce. Prices are quite reasonable, hovering around 100 baht a dish.

Open daily, 10 a.m. – midnight (closed Tuesdays)

Jhaban Road (at the end of the soi right next to

the big police station near Wat Phra Singh)


084 247 5120

Princess Tearoom

The owner of the lovely new Princess Tearoom is a long-time lover of blended teas. The aromas and the subtleties, she says, need to be appreciated in the right setting. For her, it is a shabby chic, English country style tearoom, inclusive of whimsical knickknacks and cute artworks. A sweet and homey place is what she has created, so that her clients can settle in with a steaming cup, flick through a magazine and nibble on delightful little delicacies. The quality of raw ingredients is very important to Princess Tearoom and you can start off the day with a hearty breakfast, stop in for a cuppa cha and a slice of cake, or enjoy simple one-dish dining throughout the day.

Open daily, 8am – 8pm

34 Sukasem Road, T. Suthep

053 215 861

Grandma’s Kitchen

We are often asked where to find the best classical central Thai cuisine in Chiang Mai. Oddly enough, this is a tough question. But, since discovering Grandma’s Kitchen, we now have an answer. This charming garden restaurant serves up dishes you probably have not heard of, or only vaguely recall from childhood. Royal palace chicken marinated in coconut cream and mangos, young jackfruit salad with deep fried fish and lemon grass dipping sauce, and grilled Thai shrimp curry paste wrapped and grilled in banana leaf are just some old classics which are a treat to discover. The menu is charmingly written with personal anecdotes from the now departed Grandma as well as historical insight. If you think that you know Thai cuisine, check out Grandma’s Kitchen and you will find yourself surprised to discover many exciting new (but very old) dishes.

Open daily, 9am – 8pm

Mae Rim Lagoon Hotel, Mae Rim-Sameong Road


081 257 7950

I Don’t Know
by Steak of the Day

Sometimes, when a friend asks what you’re craving, all you can say is “I don’t know!” That’s exactly what the beloved owner of Mae Rim’s wildly popular Steak of the Day

restaurant had in mind when he named this brand new eatery. Here, the focus is on the most important meal of the day: breakfast. Start your morning right with fresh local goodness, including fresh fruits, coffee and tea, and a choice of several tempting egg dishes such as the fabulous Almost Benedict (poached egg, smoked salmon, bacon, cheese, rocket, toast), French toast topped with mango, banana and grapes, yummy congees, rice soup and the fabulous smoked salmon with cream cheese on rye-muesli bread. The cafe’s homey atmosphere and beautiful, open air dining area surrounded by flowers is a perfect place to while away the morning.

Open daily, 7am – 2pm (Closed on Sundays)

Mae Rim Plaza, opposite of Steak of the Day

086 983 0101

Bear Hug Cafe

This two-storey wooden house turned cute coffee shop is owned by sisters Gift and Goob Wongsawat, who have fulfilled a lifelong dream by opening their own business. The name Bear Hug was inspired by their love of bears – and professional wrestling! The ladies’ father is a carpenter, hence the cafe’s interior: creatively decorated using wood, and of course, plenty of adorable bear figurines. The second floor is open so you can enjoy the cool breeze with a lovely view of the moat. But Bear Hug is not just about cute decor – it also has excellent coffee! Goob was trained under a champion Australian barista, and their coffee machine is one of the best in northern Thailand. The low sugar smoothies are made from fresh fruits, and the mixed berry smoothie

is especially popular. If you have an appetite, try the signature Teddy Pie with chicken curry filling and don’t miss the New York burger with pork, cheese, bacon, and mushrooms!

Open daily, 9am – 6pm (Closed on Wednesdays)

91/1 Kotchasarn Road


053 206 555

Pinto Food & Design

Pinto Food & Design is a famous local wholesaler which supplies processed meats to some of Chiang Mai’s top restaurants including Tii Noy Noodles, Tii Muay Noodles, Nai Fan Noodles, Leela Noodles, Mali Tom Yom Sukhotai Noodles (behind Payap University) and Giant Shabu. Meatballs, dragon eggss, Vietnamese sausages, pork balls and all sorts of balls which normally fill a good noodle dish are available at Pinto, and soon at all major supermarkets. Why we are excited about them is that they are now creating very interesting dishes to feature their products, one of which is on the cover of our June Spoon & Fork magazine – steamed dragon eggs with curry paste. Thai people love a good bowl of noodles and soon you can stock your kitchen with Pinto products directly from your favourite supermarket.

200/157 Chiang Mai – Mae Jo Road, T. Sanphisua

053 345 363, 089 191 4343

Kinder Musik

Kids today are spoilt for choices. Kinder Musik, a US syllabus for music, has been entertaining and teaching over 20 million children for over 45 years in over 70 countries. Today, Chiang Mai’s Kinder Musik branch offers nursery as well as music lessons for kids between one and three years old. Music is used throughout the nursery experience and kids are closely looked after by a highly professional staff. The latest offering is the Ge’nie Chef cooking course for children between three and 12 years old. A fun-filled activity for kids to learn how to bake and cook, and best of all,

you don’t have to clean up the mess in your own kitchen afterwards!



053 115 887

Spicy Honey

This brand new shop in Chiang Phuak sells an array of lovely products, from stylish handbags to supplementary foods to jewellery and watches. Step inside and you’ll see why Spicy Honey is rapidly gaining popularity among local fashionistas and beauty lovers. All handbags, both locally made and imported from Korea, are handpicked by owner Mai, a style maven born and bred right here in Chiang Mai. After graduation, Mai began selling cosmetics and glutathione products via Facebook. Today, she also has a number of online clients that she ships to for an additional

fee of only 70 baht. Stop by the store today to take advantage of a 10 percent discount on all collagen products.

Open daily, 11am – 11pm

Vieng Boa Road, at the corner of Chedi Prong

Facebook: Spicy Honey

085 034 2554