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Welcome to our new neighbourhood!

Citylife has moved offices! We are no longer Wat Gaters, but Meechokers and the first order of business, as it would be for any self-respecting Thai, was to check out the neighbourhood for places to eat. We now have a townhouse in Fifth Avenue just across the road from Meechok Plaza, and have decided to share our findings of exciting businesses that have caught our eyes with you all — cafes, restaurants, schools and more. If you ever pay any of these places a visit, feel free to pop in and see us, pick up a mag or just say hi!


As Citylife has a couple of Brits here, we have proudly managed to sniff out some great fish and chips. We are talking proper batter, cod fish and so much malt vinegar the chips get soggy with it. Kellys also serves the great English breakfast, pies (both sweet and savoury), burgers and paninis. They even do takeaways…minus the newspaper wrapping sadly. We feel right at home with this Scottish chippy on our doorstep.

Open 9am – 6pm (Closed Mondays)
053 230 322
D Step Chiang Mai

Kruu Karn has spent years travelling around the world promoting Thai performance arts. Now, with numerous awards and wins under her belt — most notably as the choreographer and manager of the winners of Thailand Got Talent Season 4 — she is well known and respected. Right here in Fifth Avenue, she has opened up D Step Chiang Mai, a school that offers dancing, choreography, singing and instrument classes for all ages. Our staff’s kids are about to enrol and are all excited about it.

Tel. 083 974 8822
LINE: dstepcm
Homemade Market

On Saturday mornings, a small market pops up just around the corner from our office that is great for morning and food lovers alike. Just opposite Wawee Coffee’s offices down a small soi off the Meechok Junction, this unique weekly market is fast becoming a talk of the town. Packed full of great food from some of the city’s most exciting chefs, you can have a Mexican breakfast, grab some homemade sausages, dig into a food truck burger, sample a smorgasbord of Thai dishes and sweet treats, all sold from stalls and food carts. Live music and nice vibes takes the market through to midday when the food is all but gone. It’s a nice little something different for anyone up early on a Saturday morning.

Saturday mornings – midday
Facebook: Homemade Market
Code Space

If you have a tonne of work looming ahead and you need to pull an all-nighter (like we do for our monthly deadlines!), then get out of your home, remove the temptations of cheesy late night TV and try out Code Space, a 24-hour working space. Hot tea, nice décor, and a fresh atmosphere makes for a great working environment, both day and night. They even have group conference rooms if you need one. The best part is that it is super cheap, just 140 baht all day with free Wi-Fi and electricity. They also do weekly and monthly promotions if you think you will be burning the midnight oil on a more regular basis.
093 456 4591
Four Heavens Bicycle Training & Café Bistro

Despite the smoke, people are still out cycling in droves, and that number is only bound to go up once the haze clears. If you are cycling past our area, the Four Heavens Bicycle Café is a great place to grab a bike service while enjoying a coffee. Some of us at Citylife are also planning on cycling to work once the smog clears, so we may even see you in there, spandex shorts and all [Ed. No]. They even offer training courses for people wanting to learn more about bike care, taught by the champion of the Tour de Thailand, Jatupoom ‘Yod’ Lekawat. Their flourless brownie made from whey protein is great by the way.

Open 10am – 9pm (Closed Sundays)
Facebook: FourHeavensBicycleTraining
088 253 5300
TW Cake and Bakery

Taiwanese cakes are IN at our office these days as this little gem is located not more than ten paces away from our office. Packed with loads of freshly baked cakes, like cheddar cheese cakes, chocolate brownies and cupcakes filled with cream that are so fluffy the almost melt in your fingers. They also serve a decent range of teas and coffees, both hot and cold. And if you feel like grabbing us a few cupcakes while you are there, we shan’t refuse.

Open 9pm – 6pm
Facebook: TW-Cake-Bakery
081 882 3221
Featured in an article about board gaming back in 2015, this gaming café is still going strong, much to the annoyance of our editor, who scowls at us as we sneak back late from our daily lunch break. Meerkatto does great coffees and breakfast dishes as well as a seriously mean brownie served with melted chocolate, marshmallows and other indulgent toppings. Just be careful not to drip any chocolate sauce on your playing cards! If you come to play games, give us a shout and we may come and join you in a game or two [Ed. After work hours, naturally].

Open 10am – 8pm
087 137 5775
Facebook: Meerkatto
Doctor Sport Shop and Consultant

This isn’t just a typical sports clothing and equipment shop. Owner Thamrongkul ‘Prince’ Dechcharoen styles himself as a doctor of all things sports goods. With a master’s degree in sports, he knows his stuff and is happy to dole out free advice on what to wear, equipment to use and even how to make it all work for you. There is a great collection for you sporty types to peruse. Maybe you’ll see our lot finally get onto a treadmill after relocating so close to this gem…or maybe not.

Open 10.30am – 7.30pm
(Closed Wednesdays)
Facebook: DoctorSportShop
053 244 927
Our editor grumbles at its proximity, as she stops by this Italian restaurant, delicatessen and wine shop on her way home. Intending to buy some cheese for her father, she inevitably leaves with packs of frozen pastas and sauces, frozen tiramisus, a few bottles of wine and some deli meats. Then there is the cheeky strawberry sherbet gelato we see her grab, “for the road”. Just as well Dr. Sport Shop is just around the corner.

555/148 Fifth Avenue Meechok