WAWEE Bistro by Mama’s Kitchen

 |  November 30, 2017

Following the successful collaboration between Chef Andrew Commins and WAWEE Bistro, WAWEE is now starting a new project with Mama’s Kitchen presenting fine Middle Eastern cuisine, prepared by chef Nuntasarin ‘Neena’, Saisamut who will bring over 20 years of experience in cooking Pakistani food to the city bistro.

“It all began when I moved to live with a Pakistani family 20 years ago. By helping the family prepare food in the kitchen, I picked up skills and technique along with exchanging our eating cultures. It was then that I fell in love with cooking,” said Neena of Mama’s Kitchen, a Pakistani restaurant in Hai Ya area.

Punjabi, a dish of grilled lamb chops with aromatic seasoning and strong flavours is one to try, as are popular dishes hummus and falafel. Neena also serves Thai dishes like massaman curry, rice curry with chicken or beef and stir fried braised beef and basil. As a Muslim herself, Neena says that she can guarantee that her restaurant meets Halal standards.

WAWEE Bistro by Mama’s Kitchen
at WAWEE headquarter, in the soi behind Tesco Lotus Ruam Choke branch
Open 8.30am – 5.30pm
Tel. 053 014 111, 095 446 9119
Facebook: waweecoffeethailand