Visiting Expert Masseuse at Four Seasons

 |  October 19, 2017

The Four Seasons Resort Spa has a resident expert from now until the 28th October whose skills will leave your body supple and release any tensions or strains you’ve been hoarding.

Julian Eymann has 18 years’ experience in a unique style of deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy. He works with the stars in Hollywood as well as guest visits five star resorts all over Asia. He has mastered a way to quickly identify and work on specific problem areas and uses rotational motions on joints while easing ligaments and tendons, rocking and working the entire body deeply and, importantly, without pain. The results are instantaneous, and the experience deeply satisfying.

The Resort’s spa offers all the luxurious elegance and service one comes to expect with the Four Seasons brand; a scrumptious setting surrounded by tropical gardens, tranquil music, soothing aromas and impeccable service.

Eymann’ technique, however, is a rare opportunity for anyone in need of professional work on a body riddled with tension, tightened with inflammation or lacking in movement. Or if you just want a seriously good massage to work wonders on your body.

60 Minutes: 5,300++ Baht

90 Minutes: 7,600++ Baht

3 sessions of 60 Minutes: 13,900++ Baht

3 sessions of 90 minutes: 18,200++ Baht

In residence from 15-28th October 2017

For more info call Four Seasons onĀ 053 298 181 (ext 81801/2 for The Spa)