Unveiling of the Wine Dinner at Sapori D’Italia, Kireethara Boutique Resort

 |  September 25, 2018

Tucked away in the leafy landscape of Kireethara Boutique Resort, Sapori D’Italia is a warmly-lit, cosy escape boasting an enthralling menu. At the newly unveiled wine dinner, it’s really a family affair: the young chef delivers elegant fare while his father provides the sage wine pairing. Thanks to their skill and collaboration, the four-course prix fixe dinner plays like a well-choreographed dance.

The first course, the amuse bouche, is playful and light. A single, gently seared scallop is presented drizzled in a creamy pistachio crème. The crisp apple notes of the paired sauvignon blanc perfectly play up the mellow scallop and single sprig of fresh cilantro that crowns it.

The menu matures quickly.   Next, you are greeted with a sexy, decadent foie gras, sprawled wantonly over lobster salad.  The flavors are surprisingly complementary and balance adeptly between the heaviness of the foie gras and the lightness of the crisp, refreshing salad. The sultry chardonnay is a wise pairing,  and reflects the nuance and thought that goes into the entire menu.

At this point in the menu. here comes a sweet surprise. The palate cleanser is a cheeky little scoop of passion fruit sorbet, topped with mint leaf, and served in a martini glass. The surprise use of sorbet is a clever turn, reflecting the chef’s adventurous and ambitious style.

The next course is pure pleasure, from one bite to the next. Intense and meaty, this course is unapologetically decadent. The hearty steak, cooked just to medium rare, is satisfying.  The gently roasted lamb chop is complimented by a sweet berry sauce, and garnished with rosemary.  Both are served among roasted veggies.  For this classic dish, a surprisingly coquettish cabernet sauvignon was a smart twist on a classic pairing, the warm cinnamon notes playing well with both the lamb and steak.

Finally, the dessert arrives, a porcelain-white panna cotta enshrined in a bright strawberry reduction. The toned-downed sweetness of the selected rose is a refreshing finish to a cavalcade of flavors, aromas, and textures.

Although these delightful bites are the centerpiece of the evening, there is so much more to enjoy.  Just as the courses and wines arrive to your table, the course is explained for both experienced and new oenophiles and gastronomes, heightening the experience and appreciation of each dish and glass of wine. The pianist and accompanying vocalists provide a soft, relaxing auditory backdrop for the evening.  At only 2,500 baht per person, the Sapori D’Italia wine dinner is an ideal way to spend a special and memorable evening with your loved ones and friends, over all the best indulgences – wine, food, and music.