Time to Explore: The New Faces at Jing Jai Market Chiang Mai

 |  July 4, 2016

If you ask the managers of Jing Jai Market, they’ll be the first to agree with many locals when we say that one of the best things about Chiang Mai is our food and coffee culture. It is no surprise then that Jing Jai Market is taking steps to enter into this world of deliciousness with their own personal take on what it means to be a green, open air shopping market in the heart of the Lanna capital.


What makes Jing Jai Market just that extra bit special is that each and every shop, restaurant, coffee shop and bar is unique to Chiang Mai. Even though you may see some big names like Doitung or Guu Roti that have now expanded across the country after gaining much popularity, they all began their life right here in Chiang Mai and other local northern cities.

What this means is that Jing Jai Market has a very special set of requirements so that the sprawling market across both sides of Assathorn Road, is populated with locally owned businesses and franchises that work perfectly with the Contemporary Lanna themes running throughout the green and luscious open air market space.


This year is expected to be a big year for Jing Jai Market, with a range of new shops and restaurants opening up and a few larger projects in the works too. Later this year, expect to meet the brand new farm outlet that will provide fresh produce from across the north every day in a cool, air-conditioned part of the market, and in August, head on down and pay a visit to the miniature artist village which will showcase a range of local Lanna art and traditional techniques, offering up courses and workshops for tourists and locals alike who want to learn and explore the more artistic dimensions of Chiang Mai.

Many of us may also be familiar with the popular weekend organic market that sees a flow of over 5000 people throughout the day, all coming to Jing Jai Market in order to grab up the best in fresh local produce. However, if you were to visit midweek you would discover another side to what Jing Jai Market has to offer. Strap up your little one in a stroller and enjoy easy access to every single part of the Jing Jai Market area – perfect for wheelchair users too. Pets are even allowed to visit, meaning it’s a great place to take your pooch for a walk with the luxury of having food and coffee right there for the taking. There are even several doggy beauty parlours that you can drop off your pup while you get some lunch!

This month, we really encourage you to take an afternoon off and explore the new and developing Jing Jai Market for yourself. Park up and check out one of their newly opened coffee shops, such as Doitung – a Chiang Rai based coffee company which has just opened their first dedicated coffee shop at Jing Jai, or The Baristro by Guu Roti – our favourite local roti store which is now serving up a range of unique coffees such as the Expresso Juice Honey Lemon, a fragrant iced expresso with fresh lemon and honey added for a sweet yet sour kick. For those of you who pass by Jing Jai Market on the way to work, why not take a tiny detour and pick up a hot mocha to-go from Roastniyom, located roadside for easy access and takeaway convenience.

For those on a tight schedule, Jing Jai Market is also great for that quick lunch with a range of local food options such as Hug Tiew – a noodle shop serving up a northern style tom yum noodle dish with seafood and egg. Cool off from the spiciness with a serving of Mango Ice Magma, a secret recipe of sweet mango flavoured ice shavings served in a bowl with fresh mango and other sweet condiments by Ice Hub – a local shaved ice store that is so popular people are even begging for it to open in Bangkok!

Jing Jai Market has a range of options for all types of people with all types of tastes. Day time or night time, there is something for everyone. If evening adventure is more your style, check out the range of bars along the roadside, with the incredibly popular bar Tha Chang – always filled to the brim with young fashionable people all looking to flaunt their latest dress or brand name shirt. There is often a queue outside so take a stroll through the main Jing Jai Market complex across the road while you wait for a table and browse the shops that stay open late such as Aloha which recently opened their second store selling a range of decently priced second hand genuine shoes and clothing, both vintage and modern.

Surrounded by trees, the open air Jing Jai Market prides itself in being green and luscious, in stark contrast to the majority of concrete jungles popping up across Chiang Mai. Traditional Lanna themes ebb and flow through every corner, yet it impressively maintains a sense of modernity and style in what they brand as the location in Chiang Mai for contemporary local shopping, dining and drinking.

Visit our lush oasis in the heart of the city.

Open 9am – 9pm (bars open till midnight)
Assadathorn Road
Facebook: Jing Jai Market Chiangmai
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