This is Thailand

 |  April 26, 2011

1. Where can I get a polygraph test done in Thailand?

Orion Investigations provides polygraph services. The cost is 10,000 baht per person. They would need a deposit of 50% of the fee and a background to the information which needs verifying. They do not offer these services for verifying faithfulness in a relationship or other private matters. They only offer these services for business related matters. Orion Investigations Co., Ltd. (Bangkok) Tel: 02 714 3801, Fax: 02 714 380,,

2. What do you consider the best daytime cafés to spend the afternoon in Chiang Mai?

Valerie (intern):
‘iBerry’ is a nice garden café and ice cream shop on Nimmanhaemin Road, Soi 17. There you can sit under the big trees decorated with colourful lights or in a cool interior and enjoy a cup of coffee, some sweets, or some exotic types of ice cream. Another nice coffee place is ’94 Coffee’ also on Nimmanhaemin Road, Soi 8. It serves good salads and sandwiches as well as coffee. ‘Love at first Bite’ is a great bakery located on the Ping River. It might be hard to find the first time so look at their website, They have tons of tasty cakes, pies, cookies and quiches. The city is littered with lovely coffee shops, enjoy!

3. Where can I find a good dressmaker in Chiang Mai?

Dressmaking is quite personal and while we have heard good reports of some places, not everyone agrees. So, we would rather not recommend anyone we don’t have personal knowledge of.

4. Where in Chiang Mai can I find a restaurant or pub that has good live bands?

I have seen a great live band playing jazz at the Chiang Mai River House, Another good place to go is obviously North Gate Jazz Cooperation. info@north Situated on the moat road slightly to the east of the north gate. At Heaven’s Beach you can see a good live band playing indie and alternative music. Heaven’s Beach is located near the Boon Yoo Market. Then there is Sangdee Gallery, Chia’s Blues…depends what music you are into, but live music can be found anywhere.

Unfortunately immigration clampdowns have of late prevented foreigners from playing live to audiences in Chiang Mai, that includes open mic.

5. Where can I buy used motorbikes in Chiang Mai?

There is a market outside of Chiang Mai with a whole parking lot full of second-hand motorbikes every Sunday. The market is located on the Mae Jo Road, one exit north at the Kad Ruam Chok market just behind the Rim Ping Plaza. Very close to the Sansai market.

As Valerie has said, the Talaat Nut (Sunday and also sometimes Saturday Market) at Ruam Chok is a good place to buy used motorcycles as well as used cars – and the prices are quite fair although bargaining won’t bring down the price more than a few hundred baht. They may even throw in a short term guarantee for you. I bought two motorcycles there and both are still in great condition. The seller will do all the paperwork for you and you can take the bike right away, then come back next week and he will have the license and registration for you. They will let you take the bikes for a test drive and are quite helpful. You can find everything from Honda Dreams to some of the big boys for sale and they’ll even throw in a motorcycle helmet (although not a very good one).

6. Where in Chiang Mai can I buy plants and flowers?

Kamthieng Flower Market is located next to Tesco Lotus Kamthieng Superstore on the Super Highway.

Valarie is correct again. The Kamthieng Market (named after a dowager of the Nimmanhaemin family) is one of the best plant/tree/garden markets anywhere. You can get anything from grass to huge jungle trees to cactus to red bamboo to perennials, and hundreds of varieties of orchids. The prices are really good and you’ll get lots of good advice on how to care for the plants that you buy. If you purchase large trees they will not only deliver them for you but will dig the hole and plant them where you want. It is also a good place just to go for a morning walk – better than most botanical gardens.