This is Thailand

 |  June 30, 2011

1. I just relocated to Chiang Mai from Bangkok and am missing all the ‘international’ radio stations ‘down south’ that play decent music. I can’t tune into any here. Any secret?

Jane (intern):
There is a station in Chiang Mai called T.I.T.S. (This is Thai Style) Radio which broadcasts over the frequency 1.605 MHz. T.I.T.S. Radio plays a large variety of music genres throughout the day and has ‘flashback’ segments dedicated to music from a certain decade, as well as listener requests. It is an all English radio station that also provides regular BBC News live updates streamed directly from London. You can listen to T.I.T.S. Radio online at – just be careful you don’t forget ‘Chiang Mai’ in the URL.

2. Any advice for getting reasonably-priced cable TV here without paying a hefty 1-2,000 baht per month? I subscribe to 3BB’s internet service.

Yu (intern):
There are two main options if you are looking for cable TV that offers English-speaking channels. True offers four differently-priced packages ranging from 350 baht to 2000 baht, with a standard selection of series and movies. WeTV is a Chiang Mai-specific alternative with a somewhat eclectic selection, but is notably cheaper at 350 baht per month with a few initial charges for set-up and membership (around 1,000 baht).

3. After living in Thailand for the past 10 years, I have put on a considerable amount of weight from no exercise and drinking too much. It has made finding clothes in my size at the markets quite a challenge. Where in Chiang Mai can I find reasonable priced ‘plus size’ clothing?

Jane (intern):
A store called Up Size located on Huay Kaew Road offers a unique selection of clothing for women in a variety of plus sizes – however they tend to run a little larger than normal. On the same street of Huay Kaew Road is 71 Export (also located in Airport Plaza and Kad Suan Kaew), operating out of a large glass-front two storey building. They cater to men, women and children of all sizes – ‘plus’ or not. Their clothes are often end of the line or additional stock items produced locally that never made it out of the country. When I was ‘researching’ this question, I managed to pick up two H&M cardigans, of uncompromised quality, for only 180 baht each!

Yu (intern):
Smaller stalls that stock larger sizes can also be found on the ground floor of Airport Plaza. Plus-sized clothing shops are admittedly difficult to find but each shopping area will have at least one ‘plus size’ store. A good bet is always going inside department stores, where they should have different sizes and the option to try things on.

4. Are there any Chinese herbalists in Chiang Mai?

Jane (intern):
On Ratchamanka Road, inside the old city, is Mungkala TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Clinic. The clinic is operated by a husband and wife team who are well known throughout the world for their healing abilities. The clinic offers certified treatments of acupuncture and moxibustion as well as a large range of teas, herbs and other natural products. The clinic is open Mon – Sat from 9 a.m. – midday and 2.30 p.m – 7 p.m (Tel: 053 278 494). A smaller Chinese herbal pharmacy can be found on Chang Moi Road, just before you get to Warorot Market.

5. I would like to know if there are any hotels or guesthouses in Chiang Mai that have a swimming pool visitors can use? I am going on vacation to Phuket soon so I would like to practice my swimming.

Jane (intern):
Many hotels in Chiang Mai offer use of their pool to non-guests; deciding which one to go to simply depends on how much you are willing to pay per visit.

A really great place to go is ‘the Centre of the Universe’ – a private (salt water) swimming pool and guesthouse resort located 6km north-west of Chiang Mai city centre. The pool is open from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. daily, however from 6.30 a.m. – 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. the main pool is restricted to lap swimmers only. During these periods, each person (for a fee of 80 baht) is assigned an exclusive lane for up to 45 minutes, or can share the lane with a partner for 90 minutes. For further information and entry fees, go to www.therealcentreoftheuniverse. com.