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 |  February 3, 2015

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Araya “Am” Panyanuwat is a recognisable face in Chiang Mai. For most of her working life she has been a Jill of many trades. She spent years working in PR and marketing in a five star hotel, has worked in events organising for the past decade, often moonlights as a much-coveted bilingual emcee – most recently hosting Citylife’s piano concert on Maya’s rooftop – and for the past year, she has been a wedding planner. She is a girl about town who is constantly on the go.

“I really love doing this,” she explains of her latest career move. “Working with people who are in love on their most special day can be intimidating, but extremely rewarding. I like to create weddings outside the box. I like to spend time with couples, really really get to know them and help to create something unique just for them.”

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Am’s Facebook page, “The Happy Moment: A Happy Wedding Planner in Chiang Mai” encapsulates her outlook on wedding planning. “It is about making the couple happy,” she insists.

“I don’t do templates,” says Am. “Each couple is unique and that means that each wedding must also be so. One time I learnt that the groom was in the navy, so we did the entire wedding in a nautical theme. They loved it. Another time the couple enjoyed nature and cycling, so we did the entire concept around conservation: instead of cutting a wedding cake, we had them water a heart-shaped plant!”

Am pulls her team from all the freelance experts in various fields she has worked with for over a decade. It is about the right person for the right job. So, you have a special day coming up? Give Am a shout, spend some time talking to her – her English is near-fluent – and maybe she can make your dreams come true.

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