The Rube Band – Fin feat. Mildvocalist

 |  November 1, 2016

Every now and again I get a handful of promotional CDs that bands from all over the country send to various publications, Citylife being one of them. I usually try to use this space in Citylife to talk about new music and live events in Chiang Mai, but as the nation mourns the loss of His Majesty the King, parties and events have all but vanished, an important part of the mourning process. Although it has left me with an empty space to fill this month, I quickly realised that it was perfect opportunity to dig through the stacks of CDs Citylife gave me and see if any of these singles were worth covering.


Enter the Rube Band. Formed back in 2011, they have been playing together for some time now and have recently released a new song on Spicy Disc records. The song features a Thai singer/rapper by the name of Mildvocalist and the collaboration between the two produced a simple but enjoyable track titled Fin.

The song begins with a very traditional sounding Thai vocal that is slowly joined by strings that give the intro a very warm sound. After a quick break the track changes into a steady beat with the Thai hip-hop vocals. Sounding very much like R&B, the rap adds a nice modern flavor to the song. The chorus comes in with the lead female vocalist now singing a much more modern style, a stark contrast from the more traditional intro which I think it’s good to note her range of styles is impressive.

It is always refreshing to hear Thai bands innovate and think outside the box. Using a more traditional sound for the intro draws from the deep musical tradition that exist in this country. In a world where all too often musicians look to make a quick dollar and remake and repackage songs they’ve heard before, it’s encouraging to hear artist draw from their roots and use it to their advantage to make a truly original track. The Rube Band can be found on Facebook and their music is available for purchase on iTunes, KKBOX, and LINE Music.

Facebook: therubeband