The Morning After

 |  November 29, 2011

Knowing how many of you might feel on January 1st we have come up with a bunch of ideas to soften the morning after blues. Whether you feel like knuckling down and carrying on the party, or taking a hint from your banging head and detoxing, we think you’ll find something here for you.
“I eat bacon for breakfast, bacon for lunch and I drink my dinner.” William Pitt the Younger, at the age of 24, he was the youngest British Prime Minister

Bamboo Bar
is open New Year’s Day, and they have a whopping English breakfast. No website.
Pimuk 1, Sansai Noi

Archers restaurant
delivers a quintessential English breaky. The big breakfast is big enough for any man, with English sauages, plenty of bacon, hash brown, beans, 2 eggs, tomato, toast, orange juice, coffee, all for only 150 baht. You can’t go wrong with an Archer’s fry-up.
133/4 Ratchapakhinai Road
083 637 7621

is a newish place with lots of western food. Great breakfasts in many variations, as good as it gets really. Plus you get a quality coffee and an orange juice with your big fry-up, all for 125-145 baht.
Open 8 a.m. – 9.30 p.m.

On Huay Kaew, Just up from the Shell garage, about 10 metres past 7/11

“If one oversteps the bounds of moderation, the greatest pleasures cease to please.” Epictetus, Greek sage and philosopher.

Resort offers a huge range of raw food and detox drinks. And if you feel like it, book a yoga class or go for a massage. Located about 5 minutes past PTIS international school.
165 Moo 4, Huay Sai, Mae Rim

Cafe Compassion
offers great veggi, vegan and raw food, all of which are unique, filling and delicious. With lots of refreshing fruit juices and mouthwatering smoothies, a meal here should make you feel in tip-top shape…and they’ve somehow made mushrooms taste like steak…
21 Sirimangkalajarn 11

“I must have a drink of breakfast.” W. C. Fields, American comedian and writer.

Four Seasons
do a Sunday brunch with all kinds of fine food, so if you really must get ‘back on it’, then you might do it in style. 1,500 baht per person including free flow Thai beers and wines and martinis (plus 7% VAT and 10% service charge). 1,200 baht with no drinks.

Mad Dog
Pub is always packed during the festive season, and they are open all day January 1st. Beer and a burger for breaky? Why not. It’s located right on Moon Muang Road.

Citylife’s ‘Hair of the Dog’ drink…
if you are brave, or mad, enough.

1 shot Tequila
1 shot Irish whisky
Dash of Tabasco sauce
Pinch of salt

“It’s a shite state of affairs to be in, Tommy! And all the fresh air in the world won’t make any f**king difference!” Renton, from the book/film Trainspotting.

So why not lounge back and watch movies. The DVD Shop
(053 808 084) on the corner of Suthep Road and Wing 41 has about every film imaginable in stock. And what better to nurse a hangover than calling the emergency 1112 and getting some pizza!

*Unfortunately the popular home delivery service mealsonwheels4u told us they would be closed on New Year’s Day.

“Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.” William Wordsworth, English poet.

Ob Khan National Park
headquarters. Great for a picnic, very scenic, only 30 minutes from Chiang Mai centre. Follow the Irrigation Canal Road about 15 km south going towards Hang Dong and turn right at the Ob Khan sign. You can stay the night, either in a cabin, or bring a tent.

Tom and Kitty’s House Boat
at Mae Ngad dam will be open on New Year’s Day, so give them a call and arrange a refreshing day out on the lake swimming, fishing, eating, drinking and taking it easy.
053 233 944, 081 724 9900

The Great Lakes:
how’s about fill a hamper with breads, meats, cheese, fish, whatever, and maybe a few beers and bottles of wine and spend the day next the lake:

Huay Tung Tao
(end of Irrigation Canal Road to the north) Food, beverages, toilets, activities available. Can swim too.

Ang Kaew
(reservoir in CMU) Just a lake with spectacular views, no amenities. No swimming, but plenty of places to sit and chill.

Green Lake resort
(lake on Irrigation Canal Road, heading towards Mae Rim on right side before 700 Year Stadium). Lakeside bar and restaurant, swimming pool and rooms available.

Suan Luang Lanna
(next to the horse racing track, just off the Irrigation Canal Road)

Popular with young Thais as a drinking place, this lake has lots of bars and decks around its edges. Good for a day of beer and BBQ, or a messy night of whisky and karaoke.

“The great advantage of a hotel is that it’s a great refuge from home life.” George Bernard Shaw

Do you trust Tripadvisor? Why not treat yourself to one their voted 5 best Chiang Mai hotels 2011? Start the night in a hotel bar, and wake up to breakfast served in your room? Could it be any better? Here are Tripadvisor’s 5 best for Chiang Mai.
1. Rimping Village (2,500+baht)
2. Secret Garden (1,850+baht)
3. Ping Nakara Boutique Hotel and Spa (5,500+baht)
4. Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi (20,000+baht)
5. Golden Cupids Hotel (3,000+baht)
Note, many of the hotels are almost fully booked through agents online, though you may be able to get a room by calling. Prices are rates stated on the hotels’ websites.