The Community

 |  September 26, 2012

01 Informal Northern Thai Group 

Tuesday, October 9: Restitution of Stolen Works of Art by Manus Brinkman. For further information, please call 053 117 319 or

02 Nicotine Anonymous 

Want to stop smoking? It works! Meetings on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 1 p.m. at the 7 Fountains, Huay Kaew Road. For more information please call Earl 086 194 6300, Peter 087 145 9655.

03 AA group

If you want to drink, that’s your business. If you want help to stop drinking, that’s our business. 2 AA meetings a day, 7 days a week, call us at 082 186 2518. We are here for you. For more info at
04 Dog of the Month: Sabai Dee Mai

This special girl is two-year-old Mai, she is sterilised and comes with all her shots. At first, she can be a little bit shy until she gets to know a person better but once this step is taken she is very affectionate and the most adorable and loyal doggie friend you can only imagine. She has a very easy-going and gentle personality getting along well with other dogs. Mai really deserves the chance to have a long and happy life outside the shelter. Come and meet her and take her home the same day. For sure you will make her day! Please contact the Care for Dogs shelter at 084 752 5255 (English), 086 913 8701 (Thai) or For more information, visit at

05 Santisook Cat Rescue

Five cute kittens rescued from a precarious life, living in a flower planter in a condo car-park. We were called in by a concerned resident worried that very soon they would be big enough to get out into the traffic. What we didn’t realise was their mommy cat has only three legs! What an amazing job she’s done finding enough food for herself and all her kittens, they all looked so healthy and bright. They’ve been living safely at our shelter, and now, at 8 weeks old, are ready for adoption. What’s amazing too, is that all five kittens have tiny ‘bob tails’! So cute! Call Fon 081 638 2105 (Thai,Eng), Gilly 087 189 1623 (Eng) or For more info, visit at

06 The American Veterans of Foreign War Post Chiang Mai

The American Veterans of Foreign War Post Chiang Mai is a social meeting group assisting veterans of foreign wars with various matters. The group also aim to help the widows and children of veterans in claiming benefits and entitlements, organise fund raising and other events. The Veterans of Foreign War Post Chiang Mai meets on the first Saturday of every month at The River Market Restaurant at 11 a.m. New members are welcome. More info at

07 Cricket in Chiang Mai

Anyone interested in playing cricket on weekends at Gymkhana. Contact David Holt 084 933 0670 or

08 Chiang Mai Friends Group
Saturday, October 27: Shall We Dance at the Gymkhana Club. We may even have a dance demonstration and lesson at the meeting.  For more information please call 053 432 843, 085 030 2143 or,