The Best of Both Worlds

 |  March 1, 2011

Philip Wylie is the author of several books, including How To Establish A Successful Business In Thailand and How To Make A Living In Paradise; and he assists writers in their quest to get their books published.

Hello, Chiang Mai! Thanks for being such a wonderful hostess, and for allowing us to experience the ‘best of both worlds:’ the comforts, zest and convenience of the West together with this warm eastern culture.

I refer to Chiang Mai as a hostess because this city is essentially feminine; her calm and healing nature enables us to rejuvenate. Our hostess is the ‘Lourdes’ of Southeast Asia. If you want to experience a masculine city, check out Air Asia’s flights to Kolkata.

Naturally Chiang Mai attracts writers, artists and other creative people from around the globe. Not because the clocks run slow, but because ubiquitous smiles are uplifting and acceptance is rooted firmly in Buddhist philosophy.

Chiang Mai is also Thailand’s ‘Book City’ boasting more books per wat-ever than any other Thai province. Chiang Mai’s used bookstores, alone, stock over half a million publications.

Our hostess is sensuous too. You may experience ‘sensory overload’ from the spicy cuisine, traditional massage therapy, bright colours and loud sounds (especially during festivals).

Book City is probably the best place to be you because the local people are so tolerant. ‘Live and let live’ is the cultural byline here. Wholesome people, who subject themselves to rigorous personal inquiry, feel comfortable here without incessant western-style pigeonholing.

Apparently this enchanting city is one of the top places in the world to experience before ‘the end of the world,’ scheduled by the Mayans for 21 December 2012. Be careful: a ripe coconut could land on your head anytime.

Also let’s not forget that Thailand embraces the sufficiency economy and sustainable business, so this nation is ahead of its time.