Thai Lanna Spa & Wellness International Conference 2016

 |  June 28, 2016

The Tourism Service Industry is an important service to the economy of Thailand, it helps to increase more profits from tourism and also involves other businesses. The government has realized this and would like to support and promote the Medicine and Wellness Tourism business by strategically promoting Thailand in becoming a center of Medicine and Wellness over the next 10 years from 2016 – 2025 by the following strategies below:

1. Increase the capability of managing the health service
2. Personal development of medical services to the best at all levels academically
3. Development of Community enterprise / small entrepreneur for the Health Tourism industry
4. Promote marketing and public relations to help develop Thailand in becoming the Medical and Wellness Tourism’s center by integration with the Ministry of Public Health and other organizations who involved either the government sector or private organizations.

In the Northern Part of Thailand there is a group of provinces namely; Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son, Lamphun and Lampang that have the capability to provide the Medicine and Wellness Tourism to respond to the strategy of the country to become a center for Medicine and Wellness Tourism. Also the spa business in these provinces which are famous and well known internationally for providing a good standard of service and good results for health.

To make a strategic development in Thailand to be the International Health Center, to construct a strategy to increase the capability of management in the health services and the personal development in medicine and wellness service which is important to be accepted internationally.

The government agencies and private organizations, have by the introduction of a strategy group of Northern provinces group 1 and the Tourism and Sport in all 4 provinces have agreed to set up an international conference for standardizing the international spa business to promote the spa business in Thailand and group of provinces to world standards at world class level, with the cooperation of the Association of Thailand Lanna Spa and Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University as a consultant to progress this event under the name of Thai Lanna Spa & Wellness International Conference 2016 (TWIC2016) between the 30th June – the 3rd July , 2016.

June 30 – July 1, 2016 at Dusit Princess Hotel.

July 2 – 3, 2016 at The International Conventionand Exhibition Center CommemoratingHis Majesty’s 7th Cycle Birthday Anniversary.

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