TEKA: Servicing Chiang Mai Since 1995

 |  July 4, 2016

Founded in Germany almost a century ago in 1924, Teka Group manufactures and commercialises kitchen and bath products, ceramic glazes, industrial containers and professional kitchens. Teka’s founders were one of the first people to ever bring the newfangled, totally modern, stainless steel sinks into Germany. Surviving the poor wartime economies, Teka soon found itself growing and expanding across Europe with factories set up in a number of locations and seeing rapid growth. Soon domestic appliances joined the ever growing list of products that Teka supplies and by the end of the century, the then former president Dr. Klaus Graf decided to go international.

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Not before long Teka found it had subsidiaries set up around the world, which were set in locations to organise the global expansion of the Teka brand, managing regionally specific imports, orders, and distribution.

By 1995, Teka (Thailand) Co. Ltd. was founded, with showrooms opening in both Chiang Mai and Phuket. Today, Teka showrooms or service centres, can be found in Roi Et, Pattaya and Bangkok, offering further gateways to their products and services across the country.

However it is only fitting to mention that from the start, Teka’s main concern was, and still is, with the end-user. Quality, functionality and longevity have been key aspects to every service they provide and every product that they sell. Teka likes to imagine their products are part of a home rather than a standalone kitchen or bathroom accessory, striving to build connections and relationships with their customers worldwide.


Today, one of Teka’s largest divisions is the Kitchen&Bath division, which offers complete solutions for the domestic and professional use of cooking appliances, user-defined fitted kitchens and bathroom fittings of all types and styles.

20160114_170030-2_cmykUnsurprisingly, when they first opened in Chiang Mai the demand for fitted kitchens was small at best. Nonetheless, dedicated cabinet makers, designers and fitters worked tirelessly to promote the beauty and convenience of a fitted kitchen, which is now almost industry standard in the majority of condominiums and private homes.

Another trend that Teka has had its hand in promoting is the use of ovens in everyday cooking. Promoting a healthier alternative to deep frying, and the opportunity to bake cookies and cakes right in your home, Teka has seen that ovens are now in great demand, and people are experimenting much more with cooking today than they were in the late 90s.

There is a plethora of innovations and patents made on detailed technical functions within Teka’s wide range of products. Teka Group and its kitchen division is committed to continuously invest into research and development, aiming to bring the most advanced technical products to any end-user around the world.

Teka also proudly showcases their flagship projects in Thailand where they have been chosen to be an exclusive supplier for some prestigious and monumental building projects in Thailand such as the Chalong Residential Area and Amanpuri Resort in Phuket and the Oriental Residence in Bangkok. Teka is a brand that many developers rely upon so up-to-date technology and a lasting quality is a must for all their products. As Teka’s reputation in design, functionality and quality is reknown, developers often opt for the brand to ensure their project is perfect from fixture to function.

Introducing the brand new 8kW gas burner CGW LUX 30 1G. Made at Teka’s Italian factory and exported worldwide, this burner offers an enormously powerful burner of which is comparable to only the most professional of kitchens, now available in your home.


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