Sweet Tooth?

 |  October 3, 2018

The taste of childhood served up with a twist? A dizzyingly varied dessert buffet? Small-batch, crafted yoghurts? Yes, please! With these crowd-pleasers, life is sweet.

Muteki by MUGENDAI

Among over 200 Japanese dishes ranging from sashimis to noodles, are a variety of desserts for all sweet lovers to indulge in. The fluffy soufflé pancake, the café’s signature, has an extra light and spongy texture so much so that it simply disintegrates on the tongue, while the truffle butter served alongside the dish infuses it with an earthy aroma. The crispy chocolate peanut butter, a buttery toast topped with a rich peanut butter and melted chocolate, is a chunkier and very moreish choice. Hotcake selection of toppings include cheese, banana and strawberry sauce. Nutella French toast roll with cinnamon sugar, mango and strawberry roll, and banana and Nutella cheese roll are decent size desserts that you can comfortably share with friends. Or you can skip the stress of choosing and go for the 259 baht Dessert Buffet, available from 1 – 5pm.

1st floor at Central Festival Chiang Mai
Mondays – Fridays open 11am – 9.30pm, Saturdays – Sundays open 10am – 10pm
Tel. 052 009 408, 081 827 2119
Facebook: mutekicm

Kanom Thai Maejo

With recipes oozing sentimentality, passed down from grandmother to mother, and now three sisters, these traditional Thai desserts are available to order only on Facebook. If you are feeling like something sweet, then go online and order The classic kanom kleua, a salted coconut pudding that traditionally comes in a flat square, but has now been molded into bite size flowers or any number of traditional as well as creative Thai desserts the three sisters are now making each day. Their fruity gelatin, instead of being served in a simple cube, comes in a cute, colourful fruit that is stuffed with a variety of pulps such as honey banana, coconut, durian and mango. Go check out their page and next time you have a party or simply yearn for something special, it’s just a click away.

270/139 Soi 20 Moo 9, Baan Nonnipa, T. Nong Harn
Tel. 081 961 4886
Facebook: chefjomaejo

Puri Kitchen

Chef Puri was barely out of his diapers when he had his first job as a sous chef to his two grandmothers in their kitchens in the Southern province of Yala. As a youth, he joined in numerous national and international cooking competitions, such as S.Pellegrino, where he came third. As a young man, he spent many years apprenticing with a three-star rated Michelin chef in Moto, a molecular gastronomy restaurant in Chicago. Now, at only 24, he is back in his homeland, and has established this restaurant with aspirations to introduce authentic southern Thai cuisine to northern foodies, and all at friendly prices. Aside from a host of savoury dishes, he recommends his homemade mousse with its fluffy texture that leaves your mouth watering. The mousse is only available in two flavours, chocolate and yoghurt, and there is only a limited amount per month. So hurry!

89, Highway 1006, T. San Rai, A. San Kamphaeng
Open 12 – 7pm (closed Sundays)
Tel. 099 271 6336
Facebook: purikitchenrestauraunt