Surfin’ Lessons

 |  June 26, 2009

Crickey, the internet can be a fantastic waste of time. I worked out the other day that by the time I’m 70 I will have spent 7800 hours of my life on Facebook. An app I had found while aimlessly surfing the site worked that out. It used up two more hours of my precious life. To be sure, social networking can be described as an overwhelming pointless pre-occupation that has gripped man and womenkind. Aren’t we all guilty of idling away time aimlessly doodling on the internet. I for one spent several hours last week finding some of the web’s most pointless and utterly engaging sites so that you can have more time to waste on them. This month let’s forget the wikis and news feeds and open source time savers, quit thinking up witty twitters and fictional careers to impress long lost Facebook buddies, here’s some silly sites that will turn you ‘network unsocial’ for, erm, well hours, even weeks.

For starters you’ll need an egg timer to time your wasted hours and is ideal, simply draw random lines on the screen to disrupt the falling sand and come back hours later to see the landscape you have created. In the meantime, try annoying your colleagues with a bit of bubble wrap popping ah man, is that ever so therapeutical to my juvenile mind (35minutes and counting). If you really want to toss away time try, it’s probably one of the silliest games I’ve played (55 minutes on that one!). A frustrating one is, remember the fridge magnetic alphabets of the nineties, fighting with your siblings over what to write? Try it with a dozen others on the fridge simultaneously! (an hour +…) Then there’s for the vain among us, post your pic and see how the voting goes (spent 2 hours voting on the babes). But my absolute favourite, which has been knocking about for ages, is Elf Bowl. It’s hilarious, download it here

And if you’re the boss reading all this, you’ll be interested in some handy site blocking software at:… (sorry, page word count maxed out – ed 😉

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