Superstar Panda

 |  May 1, 2016

I’m sure everyone is finally sobering up after this year’s Songkran celebration and looking forward to the peace and quiet that we enjoy so much here in Chiang Mai. However, all of that peace and quiet will have to be put on hold on May 7th when Chiang Mai receives yet another influential Thai DJ into our fair city at what could be one of the most unlikely of venues.

Music Box

Superstar Panda has been DJing for years now but has really only exploded onto the international scene within the last four years. He got his start at the full moon parties on Koh Phagnan at the Funky Buddha, a beach side bar that is popular for drunken backpackers on the island. After moving to Bangkok, he began his own production of tech house, techno, and progressive house. In a city where commercial dance music is the cornerstone of nightlife, he had his work cut out for him. But Superstar Panda along with a few other Thai artist cut out a place for themselves in the underground electronic scene of Bangkok. He co-founded the “With Love Party” which started out small but grew to bigger and bigger venues giving partygoers a nightlife experience unlike the usual Bangkok club nights.

After building up his parties and production, Superstar Panda gained the attention of some promoters in Europe where he has had the opportunity to play some of Germany’s most renown techno parties like Berlin Beat and Boat party and the East Port Festival,to name just a few.

Back in January the Inferno Productions crew brought Nakadia to Chiang Mai and it turned out to be one hell of a party. Nakadia, along with Superstar Panda, are proving that Thailand does have something to offer when it comes to quality electronic music. The Inferno team did an excellent job with the production value at the party and enlisted the help of local groups like Puretek, Babylon Bar and Joob Joob. After this initial success the Inferno crew has decided to bring Superstar Panda up for a show on Saturday, May 7th. This will be a smaller more intimate party held at Loi Kroh’s Lucky Bar.

Now my first experience at Lucky Bar was, to say the least, an interesting one. In the wee hours of the morning surrounded by the more seedier elements of Loi Kroh a fight broke out and I had to jet out of there quickly, not because I was the one fighting but because I don’t have the time or the patience for that nonsense. But with only 150 tickets available for the show at 400 baht a pop, I think it’s safe to say most of the riff-raff will stay outside allowing the people who get in a chance to see a very unique party in Chiang Mai featuring one of the country’s best up and coming producers/djs. He will get support from local DJs dj-TASK of the Inferno crew, DJ April of Puretek, and MR Sour from Phuket as well as live visuals provided by Joob Joob. Grab your tickets at Big Daddy’s Sports Bar just south of Tha Pae Gate. See you there party animals!