Super Art at Look at This

 |  October 29, 2009

Chiang Mai’s vibrant art scene is to get even more exciting this November with the month-long Superheroes/Supervillains exhibition to be held at Look at This Gallery on Nimmanhaemin Road.

“Bringing works from artists from around the world, this exhibition explores the theme of Superheroes and Supervillains as a reflection of the full range of human experience and how culture, in turn, is affected by this mythology,” says Laura Spector, of ArtSpace on 7, who is curator for this exhibition. “An open call was advertised this April asking artists to submit works related to the title theme. Dozens of entries flooded in from artists representing 15 countries, answering our challenge with a unique interpretation of the theme and method of art-making. In all, 40 artists were selected, six of whom live in Chiang Mai. Artworks investigated politics, traditional cartoon characters, childhood fantasies, invented personas and conceptual art.

I hope the generosity of Look at This Gallery will be rewarded by a large turn out of the Chiang Mai community visiting the gallery to view the artworks, which are for sale and on display through November. I look forward to this exhibition inspiring other collaborations, welcoming foreign artists to participate in our international city.”

Spector invited the creator of Spiderman, Stan Lee, to comment on the exhibition’s theme, “Today’s superheroes and supervillains relate to contemporary culture the way that Homer’s Odyssey, the knights of the round table and Robin Hood related to, and reflected, the culture of their times,” said Lee. “Ever since biblical days, people have dreamed of and wished for heroes who could do the impossible in the service of mankind.

Today we have Spiderman and Batman. Tomorrow who knows?”