Special Scoop: Varee Chiangmai School

 |  January 31, 2012

While much of Asia is only beginning to make preparations for the upcoming ASEAN community, when ASEAN countries integrate economically and politically, Varee Chiangmai School has been preparing for almost ten years. Their staff, curriculum and facilities have all been developed to encourage an international outlook while upholding Thai culture and values. VCS strives to educate students in such a way that they will excel in an ever more competitive and interconnected world. To do this, VCS offers a variety of educational options with a broad base of learning. The campus hosts facilities for both Thai and International education, and provides a flexible system of transferrable credits that allows students to switch from one school to another.

The curriculum at VCS has been expanded to include knowledge about the 10 countries that will be taking part in the ASEAN community. Students at VCS will learn about the political, cultural, and economical conditions of each ASEAN country and will take part in activities about these topics. VCS further imbues their students with skills that will benefit them in life, by stimulating students’ interests and abilities. This is achieved through an investment in well-qualified teachers, a technologically advanced campus, and a range of facilities that will broaden students’ education by involving them in sports, arts, music and drama. This style of teaching is implemented from Kindergarten onwards. As ASEAN countries merge into a common unit, VCS students will be equipped to succeed, not only in Thailand, but also in a larger South East Asian environment.

At VCS the incorporation of technology into the teaching process is highly valued. In a modern world, it is important that students learn not only to use technology, but also to see its benefits as an educational tool. Classrooms at VCS are equipped with modern technological resources, designed to aid the learning process. Classrooms have Wi-Fi, interactive whiteboards, advanced software, and fully equipped computer and science labs.

VCS also prepares students for the greater integration that will come with the ASEAN changes by promoting international awareness, both in the Thai curriculum and the International division. At VCS all students are required to learn English and Thai, as well as a third language, Chinese. All language course instructors are native speakers. The VCS curriculum teaches students to be global citizens without abandoning a commitment to preserve the Thai identity in the midst of intercultural openness.

Classrooms at VCS are small; there are no more than 35 students in any class and the student to teacher ratio is 13:1. This allows students to receive the attention and instruction that will allow them to excel. In the classroom, students are taught intellectual skills such as critical thinking, as well as social skills such as teamwork. Education at VCS is not limited to academics. The school aims to prepare students for their future by stimulating the development of their health, their hearts and their minds.

Varee Chiangmai School operates from the standpoint that students hold the future in their hands, and this is why they place such a heavy emphasis on preparing them for their life, not just for further education. The VCS motto, ‘The best of both worlds’, expresses what this school stands for. When students study at VCS, they learn about Eastern culture through a curriculum that embraces European standards. The blending of East and West at VCS trains students for a world that is globally integrated. This method of education prepares students for a future anywhere.

59 Moo 6 Mahidol Rd., Nonghoi,
Muang, Chiang Mai 50000
Tel : 66 (0) 53 140232-4
E-mail : vcsinfo@varee.ac.th