Special Scoop: The Chiang Mai Cleaning Company

 |  April 26, 2011

Boring isn’t it!

The word and concept is plain boring and has the personality of a wet fish.
Who wants to clean, who even knows how to ‘clean’ and why should we when we live in one of the world’s most amazing cities with a smorgasbord of activities to get ones teeth into daily.
Well, as much as we loathe the word and its relevance to our survival as hygienic homosapians, we have to in some shape or form attempt to now and then perform the domestic cleaning duties either by ourselves or via hired help.

“Hired help”, I hear you ask yourself. What’s that and what does it do?

Freedictionary.com describes “hired help” as an employee hired for domestic or farm work.
Believe me in some domestic cleaning cases the terms domestic work and farm work are pretty hard to tell apart.

Anyway, enough of this babble!

My fellow Chiang Mai compatriots let me introduce you to a brand new concept heating up in this city of ours.
You simply pick up a telephone or enquire via a website called www.chiangmaicleaning.com and hire a professional cleaner from The Chiang Mai Cleaning Company.

Even the name of the company seems sensible and straightforward – The Chiang Mai Cleaning Company.
They also offer a Mae Baan Training Course for those of us that have those lovely ladies pottering around our homes doing something and looking somewhat lost every 10 minutes.

And as an added bonus, they have advertised on the back cover of this issue to make your decision to contact them even easier.
All of a sudden the concept of cleaning looks much more palatable, even a bit ‘intriguing’ wouldn’t you agree?
No more laborious dragging of the bedraggled mop across the floor while spilling the cat’s milk under the fridge, no more vacuum cleaning the hallway and stairs watching the power cord pop out every twist of the 30% functioning apparatus and no more “God this place is a mess” exclamation every time you sit down for a breather.

OK, how’s this for an idea.
Why don’t you give this simple yet effective concept a go?
You never know, The Chiang Mai Cleaning Company’s quintessential cleaning services may end up being not so ‘boring’ after all.