Special Scoop: Siam Pools

 |  October 27, 2011

Siam Pools is the manufacturer of haute-swimming pools in Chiang Mai, and over the three years they have been in business, due to their great success, they have opened two more branches, one in Hua Hin, and one in Koh Samui.

Keith Venes, Siam Pools CFO, explains that though Siam Pools might not be the cheapest place to buy a pool, they adhere to the most professional standards, following Australian codes of practice that are implemented by international engineers. “We build around quality,” says Venes, “quality material, quality products.” Their ‘start to finish’ service covers quotations, advice, construction and maintenance, while Venes says that besides having a large collection of designs to choose from, the buyer can create his dream pool and Siam Pools will build it. “Any size, any shape, we can do it,” says Venes.

At Siam Pools, the staff is trained to international standards, and assure every buyer that work will be done in a timely manner, while also guaranteeing exceptional workmanship. Whether you require a small bathing pool on your rooftop, or a large pool built to keep trim in the backyard, they can provide it.

At the moment the Magna Pool is the hottest selling product, hailed in one magazine as a “revolutionary innovation in water science, providing pools with natural, therapeutic and environmentally friendly mineral water.” Magna uses magnesium and potassium minerals which generate low levels of chlorine used to sanitise the pool. The odour free, non-irritating minerals are not only rejuvenating for your skin, but they afford bathers a pleasant sensation while the body goes through the process of detoxing. Another added bonus is that there is no residue left on the skin after a swim, precluding any need to shower off. The demand for Magna pools worldwide is rapidly growing, while Siam Pools is rapidly installing them throughout Thailand.

With their international staff, who have a wealth of experience in engineering, construction and business, Siam Pools can abate all your building concerns. As Venes says, “People who want quality come to us.”