Special Scoop: Jirang Residence

 |  February 29, 2012

Good Health begins at home. If your home has a well-balanced environment, you will have a healthy mind and a healthy soul. Jirung Residences “Your true living place in life” would like to offer this great opportunity for people who are willing to award themselves from hard work. The first holistic health residences in Thailand, located in the best location Mae Rim, Chiangmai a safe santuary from natural disasters.

Luenchay Vongvanij is an expert who studied how to adjust the balance of life. With his ten years’ experience, he has proposed this new kind of residence which is not only beautiful and comfortable but also ready for all life styles in the Holistic Health Community concept. At Jirung, you will discover the pathway to eternal happiness as either a permanent or a holiday home.

Jirung Residences is a ready-to-provide adjustment to the balance of your life. Jirung will offer you a great comfort for living within the best location according to Feng Shui theory (Chinese astrology). It is surrounded by fresh air and quality natural resources. The location of Jirung Residences is well known as the best natural therapy for health and mind.

All houses are located on small hills with different level contours. The design consist of a mix between Lanna and inspiration from Princess Dararadsami’s palace (King Rama V era). The Colonial Lanna style homes blends the luxury and open air design with perfect weather and environment.

Jirung Residences is offering three choices with three styles. There are Maneenaka, Dara Lai and Hathairadsamee. They are all located on the area next to Jirung Health Village, a well-known place of holistic health community.

Today, Jirung Residences is a ready-to-provide happiness for your life. It will fulfill the balance of your life, strengthen your health and bring peace to your mind.

Luenchay Vongvanij said, “The environment in our present world has changed. The deterioration occurred very fast until we are not able to adjust ourselves to follow those changes, the negative change is affecting our living standards. Nowadays people are living in a metropolitan society with busy lives. The air and water pollutions cause you sickness and affect your mind. The statistics have shown that mental sickness was increased more than 400% within the past few years as well as the number of people who commit suicide also increased dramatically.

From the information above, it truly reflected the living problems of metropolitan people which tend to be increase dramatically. That is the reason why we need to seek better living standards. We should take care of ourselves more and look for better options of living. Living with nature will bring you better health and a better mind. People need a place to rest their body and mind and living facilities and surroundings that can recharge their health are what we call a Perfect Scenario. So they can continue to lead a good life away from sickness and danger.

“Jirung Residences is the best answer for your health, your emotion and your mind. It will be the best place to accommodate Physical Health, Emotion Health, Mental Health, Spiritual Health and Social Health.”

Jirung’s strategic location promotes sensation of being at peace with an increased awareness of the beauty of Mother Nature – distant mountains, a flowing stream, the ever-changing interplay of tropical light and shade, and the vital force emanating from every plant and creature. Combined with caring but unobtrusive service, there is perhaps no better place to both heal and relax. As one visiting therapist observed and stated: “This land is blessed with a healing energy”.

Jirung Residences is waiting for you to come and feel the eternal happiness at Mae Rim Chiangmai.

For more information, please contact the numbers below.
Bangkok Tel: 02 645 0300
Chiangmai Tel: 053 299 131, 086 189 0123