Special Scoop: Jin Design

 |  October 29, 2009

As a designer and architect, at the mention of a house, my mind flies straight to the bedroom…don’t ask my why. But I associate bedrooms with houses and I spend a lot of my time thinking, feeling, dreaming and fantasising bedrooms!

Think about it, after a hard day’s work, your muscles _ brain muscles too – are tense and tight. Wouldn’t you want to have a bedroom that is your ideal sanctuary? You may think that a bedroom is a pretty straight forward thing: a bed, a room. But let me tell you what I think of it. You have to first think where the bedroom is going to be in the house, what should be in it, how many windows, which direction does your head or your feet go, how high do you want your ceiling, what tone and mood you wish the walls…while these considerations may seem straightforward, the job of the architect and designer is to be aware of each and every element while translating and transfusing the needs, desires and dreams of the clients.

So for me, the first conversation with my clients is all about speaking with no boundaries, no limit and with a wide-open mind. Listen to everything; what is said, what is implied, and even perhaps what is subconsciously in the subtext. Everything and every detail is important because it has been filtered from the client’s needs and wishes. Not only that, it is my job to build confidence in the client, to let them KNOW that I will fulfill their wishes. To borrow a quote from my boss, “once we get all the dots [•] from our clients, our joy is the next step, to connect them.”

So how to I make sure my client is happy? Simple, make sure it is what they want. You may think that I sound facetious, but that’s what it boils down to. In the bedroom I have to think of what is on the bed, what is under or by the bed…I bring it all together, connect the dots [•] and that is what I really enjoy, it is so much fun, drawing those lines to finally produce a perfect bedroom – perfect, that is, for the client. That’s it. When the client says, “my bedroom, I love my bedroom, I am happy,” my sense of satisfaction and success comes from that. It comes from putting my clients’ needs above my all else and turning their dreams into reality…that is my job at Jin Design Studio.

I just want to end by saying that my job in creating a bedroom is to “create a bedroom that you love, for you to love.” No one, no designer, no idiot, no one can tell you that your bedroom is right or wrong. Only you can…because it is your bedroom!