Special Scoop: Jin Design

 |  November 25, 2009

“Whoa . . . another big night, another wild party. The afternoon early winter sunlight just crept in through the window and woke me up. Party over, nothing lasts forever. You take a group of friends, personalities, colours, you add to that a few drops of Johnny Black, a splash of Jack, mix it all up, and voila, in your ‘bowl’ you have perfection. What you get with the right ingredients, the right friends, is an all-nighter of fun and frolicking, dancing and laughing, and most importantly, no one knows, or cares about, the time.

I would like to explain more about the above-mentioned ‘bowl.’ It’s my character, my personality, to take my partying seriously, it doesn’t happen often, so when it does, I am going to make sure everything is just right. Apart from the people who attend a party, the place (or the bowl) is also very important, maybe as important as the people.

You’ve got to remember where you are, what you can do, what you can’t do, no one wants to be wrecked next to some gorgeous girls and make a fool out of themselves. Sometimes it’s better to be with only your friends, and then you can do what you want.

Well… where is such a place? Someone’s house of course.

If you ask me, it’s imperative, it’s crucial, to have a space in your house for partying. And when we invite our guests, they will smile, and they will know, we’ve made an effort to make them feel comfortable. When I meet our clients, I don’t just think about them, I try to imagine how their friends might be happy and comfortable.

I think it’s a delicate matter, complicated, that part of your house space might have to accommodate guests, large amounts of people. I have to think of this, what might happen with a lot of people in the living room, in the kitchen? What about a big party? I even think about how difficult it might be to slip off to bed after too many stiff ones, making sure no one hits their head or trips up.

The word ‘bowl’ is pronounced ‘charm’ in Thai which is similar to ‘charn’ which means ‘deck’ in English. Thai people’s lifestyles often involve hanging out on decks, eating, drinking with guests or just looking at the stars. This is a part of every Thai person’s life, their home life. Thais have been hanging out on decks and verandahs since our forefathers rode their oxcarts from village to village.

We pay a lot of attention to this place. If you want the ideal ‘bowl’ for your party, the perfect deck, easy to clean, easy to manage, that looks good, just tell me what’s in your imagination . . . abracadabra, it will be yours. Some people like fine woods, warm woods, smooth woods, well, we can use many many types of wood, all you have to do is ask.

If you don’t believe what great decks we make, what great spaces we create for you, I invite you to party on my deck. On the deck of the architect who loves both ‘charm’ and ‘charn’ deeply. My deck is very small, just 3 X 3 metres, but I tell you, once you see it, sit on it, you won’t want to leave.

Hmmm, you know what? I think it’s time for another party.