Special Scoop: Elephant Parade House

 |  February 26, 2013

Thailand is proud of its millennia-long association with the elephant. Its kings won battles on the backs of elephants, their victories celebrated in history books today; these gentle grey giants are used in PR and marketing to promote Thailand’s tourism worldwide; an elephant used to grace the national flag before being replaced with a more westernised design; one of Thailand’s most famous beers boasts an elephant on its logo; and elephant camps nationwide put on gimmicks and shows such as ‘elephant buffet’ events to attract tourists every year on National Elephant Day.

Yes, there is a National Elephant Day!

The realities of the Thai elephants, however, do not necessarily match those featured on a TAT poster. Many of Thailand’s elephants are being exploited for financial reasons, with no care for their welfare or future viability, and their natural environment is dwindling at such an alarming rate that it is believed in the past 100 years the number of Thai elephants has been reduced to a handful of thousands. When compared to the estimated 100,000 at the turn of the last century, well, maybe we need to sit up and pay a bit more attention to this National Elephant Day.

Here at Elephant Parade House, we believe that a playful sense of appreciation for the elephant can, and should, go hand in hand with a deep responsibility towards their future. Our hundreds of artists and designers create thousands of designs on elephant statues, figurines and elephant-inspired products to sell all over the world. We organise fun activities such as the elephant painting workshop and grand scale ones such as the Elephant Parade outdoor exhibitions. But with each and every item or event we create, we understand that we need to give back.

Elephant Parade donates 20% of its net group profits to The Asian Elephant Foundation as well as all net proceeds from the auctions that are held at the end of each Elephant Parade exhibition. Furthermore, all net funds generated by awareness and education programs are solely for the benefit of The Asian Elephant Foundation. By supporting us, you support The Asian Elephant Foundation.

What we have realised is that our elephant friends can no longer survive without us. They need our understanding, our protection, and our love. We have been battling with, riding on, selling off and benefiting from elephants for so many centuries, it is now time for us to make sure that these beloved animals have a long and bright future at our side.

So, celebrate National Elephant Day with us at Elephant Parade House! Come and join our elephant painting workshops, have a cup of coffee, watch interesting and educational films about elephants, pop in to support our artists and spend some time learning about our large and lovely friends.

See you on March 13th!

Elephant Parade House

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